internet and sun

sun_euv19So I was just thinking… 

We were on Kits beach yesterday and it was hot and sunny. Cole and I had to get to Granville Island. I did a quick search on the Translink site on my iPhone and it told me about the buses to get there. 

Then I let my friend check his email at Yahoo. 

Then I took some photos and uploaded them to the moblog.

All the while, we lounged beside a huge log roasting in the hot, hot afternoon sun, chatting.

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but that was a defining moment. I remember a day when to get online was a process of sequestering yourself from your friends in an act of ultimate geekness.

Now, the era of ubicomp is dawning. Nice.

2 thoughts on “internet and sun

  1. Roasting in the hot, hot afternoon sun? I must withhold my feelings of bitter jealousy, stuck here in the frozen north, snow clouds looming over the mountains.

  2. You took a *bus* from Kits Beach to Granville Island?!? You coulda walked there in under 15 minutes via either of two different routes; the (somewhat) more indirect route runs along the shoreline and is a lovely walk on a sunny day. I’ll bet you spent longer than that just waiting for the bus (and the bus that runs past Kits Beach gets no closer to GI than 4 blocks away, anyway…). Do you have mobility issues, or what?

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