typepad iphone client shortcomings

 typepad-logoIt turns out the first version of the Typepad iPhone client has two major shortcomings. They’re enough to prevent me from using the client; instead, I’m sticking to email posts.

Both issues centre on photos. First, if you use the Typepad client to capture a photo for a post, it’s only captured for the purposes of the post. After you upload the image, the Typepad client deletes it from your iPhone. That sucks. I’d rather it be saved to the camera’s library so that I could sync it into my iPhoto library later. 

I happened to get a really nice shot of Cole the other day with the Typepad client, but couldn’t do anything more with it than post it to the moblog.

This wouldn’t be such an issue if the Typepad client didn’t have another major problem: it reduces posted images to useless proportions.

The iPhone captures images at a resolution of 1600×1200. The Typepad client crops and reduces these to 320×320 before it posts them. So, even if you get a nice shot that is removed from your iPhone, you can’t salvage it from you moblog.

Here’s hoping Typepad adjusts this behaviour very soon.