not so full of myself anymore

egoA couple of things lately that have revealed to me that I’m perhaps getting a bit older than I’d like to admit I am…

First, went out for a glass of wine tonight with a friend and met a young woman in her early twenties who was so full of herself as to be laughable. While she enjoyed the concept of an issue, it was only an issue insofar as it related directly to her. There was no possibility for detachment.

I can recall that sense of being central to the known universe, back when I was that age, and I saw myself, in a sense, at play this evening. A fascinating display. I didn’t realize I was so boring.

Oh, and the other thing. Crazy shit. Teenagers are statistically more likely to engage in felatio than kiss. Really. Like, 12 to 18 year olds. “Hooking up,” is bigger than dating these days. I just am so far from that shit.

 I can hear the phrase forming in my mind now: “When I was a teenager…” Shut up, old man.