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478 Range Road

478 Range Road

Richard Mostyn wrote an excellent editorial for today’s Yukon News (Careless Grants Can Cause Problems).


Mostyn hits the nail on the head when he writes, “But turning a critical eye to funding proposals is the government’s responsibility. Look what happens when cowboy capitalism takes over.”

He’s exactly right. This entire mess would have been avoided had even a moderate degree of discretion been exercised at the Yukon Government when Little Paws sought funding.

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  1. The Borud clan bear plenty of responsibility for this as well. I had a bunch of windows replaced by them (Northerm) a few years back. I called them a while later when water (not condensation) almost 2 inches of it was between the glass panes. Dave told me my warranty expired and wasn’t willing to even cut me a break on fixing them. I’ve known a few people who worked for him (also at Northerm) who said he was an overbearing micro manager.

    Two years a go I built a house and sourced all my windows Outside. I saved a load of cash and refuse to throw any of money my at one of their ventures.

  2. Anthony:
    Just to set the record straight, I happen to know that Dave Borud does not own Northerm, he is an employee. So let’s not bring an innocent company or group of people in to this that have nothing to do with it. This is a Borud Enterprises issue, not Mr. Borud’s employer’s issue.
    I don’t think you understand how warranties work, they have an expiry date and set criteria; give evidence of your purchase, take in your warranty paperwork and how can a company refuse to warranty your purchase if it falls within the criteria? Maybe yours just didn’t fall in to the criteria, let’s be fair. Try getting warranty on those windows you purchased from “outside” I’d like to see someone fly up to fix them, believe me I’ve tried!
    I also know employees of Northerm it’s kind of funny that there are a lot of long term employees working there, some left and even went back. If he is an overbearing micro manager as you say, why are they still working there? As former workers of any company who have been let go, laid off, or left for other reasons, many don’t have anything good to say about their previous employer, maybe it was their own work performance that was the issue?
    I think you should research what you want to say before you publish it, it could get you into trouble next time.

  3. Dee. Trouble? Your ever so thinly veiled threat really exposes your bias. I can only assume you are a friend or relative of the family given the intimate knowledge of his business relationships. I was voicing my opinion as a customer. I won’t deal with him or his brother on any business dealings in the future because of the incident I referred to and that is my right. Not his. Not yours.

    Regardless. I never said Dave owned the company, you did. My window incident dates back several years before there was an FN involvement in ownership. Dave, as President, was in a position to offer me some sort of deal to me so I could replace the windows, he chose not to. I chose not to deal with him following that, and I’ll tell anyone who asks why. I bought my windows Outside which could have been $15,000 into Northerm’s coffers. In the ‘biz’ this is called customer loyalty, but I assume you already know everything about.

    I don’t think my example is an isolated incident, especially given the handling of Little Paws, it’s employees and customers unless of course there is a giant conspiracy afoot.

    I think given what we know about Borud’s handling of the situation at Little Paws See fridays paper) and the one I brought to light they are more than isolated incidents but rather a pattern of behavior that is rife in the old school Yukon business community where monopoly means sticking it to your customers any way you can because they have no where else to turn. I’ll gladly spend my money on local vendors (even if they cost a bit more sometimes) if I am treated with respect, if not I go elsewhere.

    Here is some ‘research’ for you.

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