plastic discs to be trumped by the cloud

LG Internet TVI couldn’t resist posting on this.

Two articles in the Technology section of the New York Times today, Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future and LG Adds a Direct Internet Link to a Line of HDTVs, add credence to a column I wrote almost a year ago when Toshiba threw in the towel on its high definition disc format, HD DVD (Smart Nerds Always Finish First: Toshiba’s HD DVD Victory; February 22, 2008).

I still think that last year HD DVD died more as a result of the future threat of the cloud than Sony’s Blu-ray format. The days of physical media are numbered as, more and more, consumers will realize the greater efficiency and affordability of downloadable content (assuming, of course, those consumers don’t live in the Horse where bandwidth restrictions actually increase the cost and reduce the efficiency).