who said this?

obama_computerThis is music to my ears, as a resident of the Yukon:

“That means updating the way we get our electricity by starting to build a new smart grid that will save us money, protect our power sources from blackout or attack, and deliver clean, alternative forms of energy … It means expanding broadband lines … so that a small business in a rural town can connect and compete with their counterparts anywhere in the world.”

This is just what the Yukon needs to haul its economy and infrastructure out of the 20th Century!

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with us, or even with Canada.

These are the words of US President-elect Barack Obama and they come from his stimulus plan for the American economy.

Considering that the Yukon’s premier is a well-known luddite, I’m guessing Obama’s plan sounds like pure fantasy to him. A similar plan from Fentie would probably just include subsidies on axe purchases and deals on fax toner.

Suddenly, I’m enamored of a US leader.