news’ view on yukon’s broadband: it’s lacking

Looking for the HorseIn an editorial on the newly-minted Yukon News site (nicely done, but that Flash header is a tad 1998), Richard Mostyn has posted a summary review of the state of the Yukon in terms of its internet and technology infrastructure (It’s the power grid and data, stupid!). His bird’s eye overview that can only lead to one conclusion: things are severely lacking up here.

Mostyn’s excellent and valuable comments come at an important moment. As other North American leaders emphasize the importance of broadband and mobile telecommunications for surviving and thriving in an evolving new economic climate, the Yukon’s leadership purview seems lost in a snow drift.

US President Obama’s view on these matters are well known. And the achievements in this sector of New Brunswick’s premier, Shawn Graham, are being recognized on a global scale. Both Fredericton (population 50,535) and Moncton (population 64,127) have been placed on the 7-city shortlist for the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)’s “Intelligent Community of the Year” (Intelligent Community Forum Announces the Top Seven Communities of 2009).

As the Fuldafest that celebrates the Yukon’s frontier qualities winds down, it’s hard not to be disappointed by the fact that this fairy tale foreign view of our locale is still uncomfortably accurate.

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  1. It may not be broadband Internet, but I’ve heard rumblings, from knowledgeable sources, of a new mobile network – some kind of hybrid between GSM and CDMA – being rolled out within the year.

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