quick note on local public health care

Now that's a nice IV pumpLast week my son ended up in the Whitehorse General Hospital for a few days. While, yes, it sucked big time, I just feel compelled to comment publicly on the amazing people who run our local public health care system.

The guy who answered my 911 call last Monday was helpful, comforting, and professional. The two paramedics in the ambulance that arrived at my house were exemplary: friendly yet professional, comforting yet serious, joking yet efficient. From the moment they walked in my door, I knew my son was in good hands.

In emergency the staff were constantly attentive. They somehow maintained an incredibly positive attitude even as they faced a steady flow of trying situations. While we spent more time there than I would have liked to in the ER, it was a calm and controlled procedure that kept us there and eventually had my son admitted.

Then once we were up in the paediatrics ward, the nurses were insanely attentive, not just to my son but to me as well (I was there with him full time for several days). Then there was the staff member from the First Nations health department that attended to our needs. I’ve never felt so supported and comforted on a hospital visit, and we’ve done a wide tour of hospitals thanks to my son’s medical condition, from the Horse to Hong Kong, from Edmonton to Vancouver.

Yeah, these comments are out of place on this blog, but I just had to say: our local medical providers are insanely awesome. We’re really lucky.

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