bell mobility, circa 1909, er, 2009

Bell Mobility's Credit Card Processing FacilityGet this: two people at Bell Mobility manually process all credit card transactions submitted to the company.

This photo is a reasonable facsimile of their operating environment, I’m sure.

At 6am this morning I called Bell Mobility and gave them a Visa number to activate a mobile line on a handset.

2pm rolls around and my handset is still dead.

So I called up Bell and enquire about WTF is up with that.

A CSR explained, without a hint of irony, that two women in the room next to her manually process all credit card transactions and that it takes them at least 24 hours to get around to each one. My line will be operational some time tomorrow.

I didn’t even know what to say. I just wondered if they were using the telegraph or smoke signals to verify the accounts. Can Morse code even be encrypted for secure transfer?

But, seriously. Somebody hook Bell up with one of those really cool little machines that you swipe cards through. Maybe even two.

No wonder this company is playing catch-up in the Canadian mobile market. Yeesh.

2 thoughts on “bell mobility, circa 1909, er, 2009

  1. Bell is the devil, I swear.

    They’re quite helpful when activating a new phone, I’ve found out, or deactivating a phone because it’s lost/stolen/upgraded. But anything beyond that is a nightmare. Purchasing a phone on their main line took me nearly 45 mins between the wait to get through to an operator and the number of times she put me on hold.

    I have a major beef with the Bell store in Whitehorse too. There’s almost always a long line for the counter. Banks have three-six tellers open usally, Bell/Latitude has two. How does it make sense that the -only- cell carrier in the territory has two tellers, whereas the six banks in the city have more tellers open?

    Oh yeah, and it’s impossible to call the Bell store in Whitehorse. A true WTF moment.

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