one major omission in windows 7

PDF IconSome things boggle the mind.

PDF is probably the most common document format for information exchange today. Yet somehow Microsoft has neglected to include native support for it in Windows 7.

Now I know they have their own proprietary competitor for PDF, XPS (don’t feel bad if that’s the first you’ve ever heard of XPS, nobody else knows what it is, either), but it really demonstrates a lack of respect to the end user when they don’t support the stuff that people actually use. Microsoft is not going to convert the world to XPS simply by omitting support for the de facto PDF format. It’s just going to piss users off when they now have to go hunting online for something that opens a file for them.

I thought Windows 7 marked a new era for Microsoft, one where they put the user first. Seems I was mistaken, because to omit support for PDF is childish and selfish. 

C’mon, Microsoft: include support for PDF in the final shipping version of Windows 7. Grow up, already.

One thought on “one major omission in windows 7

  1. There could be a licensing problem here. Microsoft tried to incorporate PDF support in Office 2007, and Adobe sued them. MS wound up having to incorporate the feature through a downloaded add-on.

    I’m not sure if this is settled yet, and may be behind Win7’s lack of PDF support.

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