killer multi-im apps: digsby and beejive

Applications that handle access to multiple IM and social network accounts are nothing new. What’s new is an application that does it well.

To date, I’ve used Trillian Pro on my Windoze tablet and have been consistently unhappy with it. From its lame-o licensing procedure to the overburdened and overly complex preferences interface, there’s just one word to describe Trillian: clunky.

So I was stoked to discover Digsby this morning. It’s free, easy to use, and the interface is very pleasant. Plus, it covers not just IM (like AIM and Google Talk) but it also hooks into social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

I highly recommend it.

BeeJiveIf you’re looking for a multi-IM client to take with you, there’s really no argument: BeeJive rocks your pocket (that sounds painful, actually). I used BeeJive on my old Blackberry Curve and adored it. It sets a new standard for applications on the Blackberry platform from an ease-of-use and interface perspective.

BeeJive also runs on the iPhone and, for you masochists out there, Windoze Mobile.