I’m a twit, and I was saved

Big Rock Trad AleIf there’s one thing absolutely beautiful about Twitter, it’s the microblogging platform’s sense of randomness and chaos. Like the classic message-in-a-bottle paradigm consummate.

I constantly have my own annoying, random thoughts careening wildly through my skull, some of which I spew out onto Twitter. But thanks to Twitter, the careening, random (and only sometimes annoying) thoughts of others intermittently break my personal mental monotony.

Tonight one of my most random thoughts of late was selected to be placed on twitsaver, a Windoze desktop screen saver that randomly presents images that have been posted to Twitter (well, Twitpic, actually).

And so the image associated with my tweet this evening, “Big rock trad tastes better in a glass http://twitpic.com/1d5at” is now rotating through computer screens around the world.

(On a sidebar note, my friends James and Ian will notice one of the elusive Takhini Phantoms passing by in the background outside.)