what do you think: GSM in the North?

Bathing in the NorthA friend pointed out to me tonight that waaaay back last October, Bell and Telus announced that they’ll be teaming up to migrate away from their decrepit old CDMA-based mobile network to a more standard GSM network (Bell and Telus team up to overhaul wireless network). Shows you how spaced out I was while I was working that day care gig.

That’s great news, as it means Canadians will have a broader choice of quality service providers and access to the best devices available. But this news also adds credence to my argument that now is a terrible time to sign a contract with Bell (it’s a bad time for a new contract with bell mobility). Why sign a CDMA-based contract now when GSM will be arriving in the foreseeable future? Especially when Engadget Mobile reports that testing may have already begun in Toronto (Mystery 3G network appears in Canada — tomfoolery from Bell and Telus?).

But does it mean that the entire network will be upgraded? In particular, will we get GSM in the North? Not bloody likely in any reasonable period, I say. But what the hell do I know? I was out to lunch on the whole Bell-GSM thing to begin with. What do you think?

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