the microsoft store: it’s just too easy to poke fun

When Microsoft announced today that it would be opening retail stores modelled after Apple’s successful venture, they left themselves wide open to all sorts of critical response.

The best comes in a post by Brennon Slattery on the Today @ PC World blog, “10 Ways Microsoft’s Retail Stores Will Differ From Apple Stores.”

My favourites:

2) The store will have six different entrances: Starter, Basic, Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. While all six doors will lead into the same store, the Ultimate door requires a fee of $100 for no apparent reason.


5) Store hours are undetermined. At any given time the store mysteriously shuts down instantaneously for no apparent reason. (No word yet on what happens to customers inside).

But, damn, I’m still waiting for that fabled Microsoft car to hit the scene. The recession may be the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to not only go retail, but to buy up a Detroit automaker (cheap!) and make that happen. I can see it now: the Balmermobile. And the horn will sound like a screaming banshee.

2 thoughts on “the microsoft store: it’s just too easy to poke fun

  1. If Microsoft goes retail, they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot. Their current distribution system will retaliate BIG TIME. Why would they want to compete with Microsoft AND sell their products?

  2. Michael, but isn’t that the same problem/opportunity that Apple faced with opening their own stores? Years later, independent Apple retailers are still doing well; the reach of their corporate stores is only so far. I’ve bought Apple hardware and software from local providers and through their online store, but have only been into an Apple store once…and didn’t buy anything!

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