the sexiest daisy

Hm. Tight jean cut-offs, weird cowgirdles, or colourful file system diagrams? I’m having trouble with this one…

Prophylactic Mac utilities that identify the bulges in our file system are creeping onto the scene like so many bikini-clad Hiltonites on spring break. Problem is, most offerings should have stuck to their grandma’s frumpy nighties rather than parade their hairy moles and continental birthmarks around the Mac beach (I’m looking at you, OmniDiskSweeper and, yeah, you too, WhatSize).

There’s a new file sweetie on the scene, and she puts the hard back in hard drive. She’s DaisyDisk, and, man, what a sweet flower she is. DaisyDisk sports a pie chart that can cut my pie any time. When she spots the biggest files on my disk I get this urge to ejacul– er, eject them from my system.

Sure, at $20 she’s an expensive date. But eye candy on your arm don’t come cheap, and neither do the prettiest little file system diagrams that look good enough to eat.

Ask her for a date. You’re hard drive will be glad you did after she helps you squeeze out the gunk clogging it up.

The best part? DaisyDisk doesn’t have two redneck brothers who will beat you up if you step over the line.