Software That Brings a Tear to Your Eye: Evernote

Software, for me, takes on epic status when it clearly perceives the needs of the user even before they are recognized as such. This is as rare as the blue moon that smurfs treasure, but with a new release of the Evernote application a couple weeks back, just such a miracle was witnessed.

Ever since I first set eyes on it (The Ultimate Digital Information Gatherer: Evernote), I’ve considered Evernote an essential piece of software that simply everyone should use. It’s a notebook utility for storing ideas, information, and snippets of anything in whatever format happens to be convenient, and it syncs everything perfectly across multiple devices including Macs, PCs, iPhones, and iPods.

Over time the developers have just made it better and better and its little elephant icon has deeply endeared itself to me. It’s kind of freaky how good this software is, like maybe it’s written by aliens (never mind the fact it’s free for basic use).

Then, just when I thought it couldn’t be any better, the Evernote developers introduced this:

Evernote Safari Button

OMG. See that little elephant head? That’s the Evernote button in the Safari toolbar. Just gaze upon it in awe for a moment. Doesn’t it just send shivers down your spine?

With almost no effort I can now snip anything from any web page and store it in my Evernote notebook for future reference and sharing. It’s like pennies from heaven, or manna raining down, or, I dunno, free banana splits at Dairy Queen.

Evernote developers, whoever and wherever you are, I adore you. Please, bear my children.