Twitter is Dead. What’s the Next Social Media Fetish?

Shoot the BirdFor the past week or so my Twitter page has been blank. According to Twitter support, this is due to “database problems.” They assure me that my tweets are still there – somewhere – just in some sort of tech limbo.


I have problems reconciling the idea that a massively famous and popular social media company that’s purportedly worth upwards of $250 million can have basic “database problems”. It’s sort of like being on an airliner midway over the Pacific and learning that the flight attendants are driving because the pilot forgot to show up for work that day.

And it’s not like this is the first time. Twitter is well-known for repeated “database problems.” (Among other neophyte ailments.) Could you imagine if Google had “database problems”?

Seriously, the database has got to be the single most fundamental aspect of any web application. That the Twitter folk can’t seem to get their shit together on this key aspect of their service is unnerving.

The combination of constant and frequent technical failures, regular service capacity chokes (I’ve never before felt so compelled to be a whaler), and the recent influx of Facebook refugees to Twitter has killed it for me. What was once a cozy little campfire environment has turned into a shopping mall with a faulty power system. RVs are camped all over the place, garbage is blowing around, and the septic system is so overrun there’s this foul aroma of frivolous verbiage wafting through the air.

So I’m tearing down my camp and setting off towards the horizon in search of the next social media nirvana. It’s gotta be out there, and when I find it, I ain’t telling nobody about it.

5 thoughts on “Twitter is Dead. What’s the Next Social Media Fetish?

  1. Interesting perspective. I think, like shopping at the Mall, it might be hard to find something that fits so perfectly as Twitter obviously once did for you.

    For me, I’m a patient woman. I’ve learned patience from being married and having kids. One thing I do know, Twitter will eventually sort out it’s problems. After all, they are mostly associated with the rapid influx of users. They probably didn’t really forsee their success! After all, how many of us really plan to succeed??? We dream about it, but do we actually believe it will happen to us.

    Best of luck in your hunt!

  2. “I ain’t telling nobody about it.” LOL! That’s pretty social 🙂

    Twitter is a victim of its own popularity. Its exponential growth seems to have caught them off-guard. Many issues can be traced to the lack of resources to handle the influx of viral, aggressive follower programs that encourage people to set up many, even thousands, of accounts in order to spam the twitter stream. This puts a huge burden on its servers (and database) which makes sighting the fail whale a very common occurrence.

    Here’s two possible solutions:
    1. Restrict # of accounts per IP address (although the spammers will work around this pretty quickly by using proxies)
    2. Stop allowing new accounts until they get things under control.

  3. it’s been a bad week for twitter … but give it another chance. It does have critical mass, and the improvements to infrastruture will occur soon. Still as fun as ever for me 🙂

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