The Fallen Pilot

The pilot of the rocket ship had lost his way. He’s made the jump into light-speed fully confident that the computer had properly calculated the destination correctly, but when they returned to normal space, none of his charts could identify his location.

There were several planets nearby, but only one was life supporting, so he headed for it to see if there was any help for him there. He disengaged his landing pod from the larger rocket booster and descended into the atmosphere.

His computer identified that the planet was almost entirely populated to the extent that he would have difficulty landing with any degree of discretion. So he headed for a remote location that seemed to have generally fewer people.

Mid way towards his destination his pod began to have some difficulty. The strange mix of gases in this planet’s atmosphere began to clog the pod’s exhaust system and the engines failed. He managed to perform a successful emergency landing in a field.

He fastened his life support system onto his head and chest, and took up a blaster on his hip. The canopy of his ship lifted to reveal a crowd of small beings with a form that generally matched his own. Each had two arms, two legs, and a head with various organs to support sensory perception. The major difference was the colour of their skin, which was pinkish white rather than blue.

When the beings saw the pilot, one of them made a gasping sound and uttered the sound, “cool.”

The beings ran away as he emerged from his ship. They went towards a large building and entered it. Sensing some danger, the pilot chose to enable the invisibility powers of his suit and follow the beings. As he reached the structure his decision was proven prudent as a large number of vehicles arrived to surround his crashed pod in the field.

He remotely enabled his vehicle’s invisibility powers, too.

Inside the building he discovered a crowd of the small beings he’d seen outside. They were being controlled by a very small group of larger beings who were ordering them around and directing their movements and actions.

The pilot wandered into a room where several of the small beings were expelling fluids into a white receptacles attached to the wall. Understanding this to be the product of the environment in which he wandered, he took notes and captured images.

However, as he did so he was careless and his blaster fell to the floor near one of the beings. Once the device had disengaged from contact with the pilot, it became visible.

“Dude, where’d you get that thing?” said one of the beings to the other near whom the device had fallen.


“That blaster. Is it a clone one?”

The being stooped to pick up the blaster, and said: “This isn’t mine. But it’s so cool.”

The being with the blaster held it carefully in his arms and began to point it about the room, making shooting noises. The pilot ducked for cover.

“Does it make noise?” the other being asked.

The being pointed the blaster at the other and pulled the trigger. A tremendous noise sounded and a beam of green light shot out of the blaster, tearing a gaping whole through the chest of the first being and sending a massive splatter of blood onto the wall behind him.


The pilot stood back silently and observed the being, who examined the remains of the other being. For a moment, the pilot considered revealing himself in order to seize the blaster. But before he could act the being fled the room. The pilot followed.

The being ran down the hall. Suddenly he yelled, “Hey, Martin! You’re a fucking turd brain!”

Another, much heftier and taller being turned to the being with the blaster and shouted, “You little runt! You’ll pay for that. Let’s get him!”

The being with the blaster shouted, “I wouldn’t do that!” He pointed the blaster at the being called Martin.

“Scott, a fucking Star Wars gun won’t stop me.” Martin lunged at Scott. Several other large beings followed Martin.

Scott again pulled the blaster’s trigger and a tremendous sound exploded and a beam of light shot though Martin’s head. The contents of Martin’s skull were expelled  and several nearby beings received a splattered coating of them.

Mayhem immediately ensued as the beings began to run about and away from Scott. The pilot lunged to grab the blaster, but an unfortunate side effect of invisibility is a loss of dexterity. Scott continued down the hall at a fast pace, towards a door and outside. Again, the pilot followed.

Atmospheric cover had been reduced since his landing and the strong glare of the powerful sun was much stronger than the pilot had ever experienced before. He increased the strength of his suit’s solar protection, but it was barely enough to permit the pilot to see in the powerful light. He heard explosions.

Scott had emerged into a large, open area holding a collection of immobile vehicles. He was indiscriminately destroying them with the blaster, one after another, in quick succession. 

The being had discovered that firing the blaster at a certain location of a vehicle resulted in a larger sound and incendiary event. He enjoyed this. Several other beings had joined Scott and cheered his actions. They all joined in a chant: “Can I try?”

Tired of the vehicles, and bothered by the resulting black, noxious smoke, Scott turned his attention to the building that he’d exited. He began to randomly destroy the transparent light portals and the walls themselves. More and more beings began to cheer.

Suddenly, from the crowd came a shout.

“Everyone be quiet. Scott Simpson, you give me that gun immediately!”

One of the much larger beings approached Scott.

“Why should I?”

“Scott, this is quite enough. I don’t know where you got that thing, but  you’ve caused enough havoc for today.”

“Mr. Denson, I like you but if you try and take this blaster away I’ll shoot you, too!”

Sensing danger, the pilot edged closer to Scott, who was carelessly holding the blaster.

The wind shifted at that moment. It pushed the thick black smoke from the burning vehicles towards the pilot and Scott. They were wrapped in its stench. The sun was unable to fully penetrate the cloud and the pilot’s vision returned; this was his moment to act.

“Scott, stop! Look out!” The larger being shouted, pointing at the pilota.

As it wrapped around the pilots invisible form, the black smoke revealed his shape.

Scott turned abruptly and saw the pilot lunging towards him. He carelessly and rapidly began firing the blaster. 

He caught the pilot in the leg, then in the shoulder. The pain was searing and unbearable. The pilot fell to the ground. His suit damaged, his visibility returned.

“Holy shit.” Scott stood over the pilot. “What are you?”

Mr. Denson joined Scott. He turned to the approaching crowd and shouted, “everybody stand back!”

“I think we’ve found the owner of your gun, Scott.”

Scott looked down at the fallen pilot and began to cry. He mumbled, “I’m sorry, Mr. Alien.”

He laid the blaster across the pilot’s chest. The pilot felt the strange atmosphere seeping into his damaged suit. His lungs began to convulse as the mixture of gases poisoned them.

Scott sat down next to the pilot and touched his arm. The pilot closed his eyes, cursed his faulty hyperdrive computer, and was gone.