A Tool for Decoding Text Messages

Yesterday LG Mobile Phones released an online tool that many parents will find invaluable: DTXTR (or, in English, “De-Texter”).

It’s a translation service that will turn those whacked-out text message acronyms (teenspeak?) into plain English. This will no doubt delight many nosy parents who want to keep tabs on every communication triviality of their thumbstruck teens.

The real-world utility of this tool is questionable, however. Heavy texters are well-known to fire off 200+ miniscule missives a day. Since DTXTR works one acronym at a time, decoding kids’ texts with the tool could become a full time job. Better that LG should have permitted full-message translation or the ability to upload SMS logs from a phone for bulk translation.

Visit the tool at http://www.lgdtxtr.com/.

One thought on “A Tool for Decoding Text Messages

  1. Interesting tool but it doesn’t seem that practical. Is there a charge for it? Because there are many websites you can find the information for free. If they are trying to appeal to nosey parents, then they should have done some market research. The age group that texts the most next to the 13-17 year olds, is the 30-45 year olds; their parents! Teens are texting their parents where they are going and what they are doing and these acronyms and shorthand are bleeding into the parental vocabulary as well. This tool may become outdated before it ever really catches on.

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