Amnesia Redux: Some AppZapper Comparison Notes

I’ve just been doing some more testing with Amnesia and AppZapper and found a few very interesting differences that distinguish the apps from one another:

AppZapper can find and remove PDF Service items. These are plug-ins that you can use when you print documents to transfer a resulting PDF to a specific application environment, i.e. “Send PDF to MacJournal.” Amnesia does not seem able to identify and remove these plug-ins.

Amnesia can, however find and remove Contextual Menu plug-ins, to which AppZapper seems oblivious. These are special mini-applications what are activated when you use your mouse’s right-click button in the Mac OS Finder. They provide special functionality, such as sending a file to a specific application for further processing.

Finally, and perhaps the most important difference between the two applications: Amnesia immediately and completely deletes files from your Mac when you use it, whereas AppZapper deposits the files into the Trash.

Clearly there’s no rooms for “oops!” with Amnesia. Once you hit the “Uninstall” button, that application or plug-in you were pretty sure you didn’t want anymore and all its associated files are gone forever. Make a mistake and Amnesia really could feel like a bump on the head.

AppZapper, on the other hand, provides a bit of a safety net and you can go dumpster diving to recover from any uninstall erratum you might make.