The Magic of Heterosexuality in Children’s Media

In the world of Disney, falling in heterosexual love can break a spell, save Christmas, change laws, stop wars and even, in the case of The Little Mermaid, cause an individual to give up her personal identity.

While such dramatic plot twists may keep kids glued to television and movie theater screens, they send a memorable message to impressionable young viewers that heterosexual love is not only the norm, but that it is also exceptional, powerful, transformative and magical, concludes a new analysis of top-grossing G-rated children’s films.

I’ve often personally observed that non-heterosexual relationships are “alternative” in popular media. What’s interesting about the studies cited in this press release (Disney elevates heterosexuality to powerful, magical heights) is that they identify a classification process to promote this mindset that begins in media that targets the very young.