Social Media: Canadian Teens Have a (Slight) Edge

Two recent surveys collected numbers on teen use of social media sites like Facebook and Windows Live (What’s Your Child Doing on Facebook? and Cox Communications’ National Teen Summit on Internet and Wireless Safety). Interestingly, Canadian teens are slightly more likely than their American counterparts to maintain profiles on social networking sites: 76% of Canadian teens have profiles, while 72% of US teens do. In both cases, Facebook is the de facto choice for teens’ online activities: fully 93% of those Canadian teens with a profile use Facebook.

Interestingly, both surveys highlighted the level of parental ignorance regarding online teenage activities. Associate Vice President of Ipsos Reid, Mark Laver said,

Online teenagers’ use of social networks has expanded rapidly in the past 18 months; however, their parents’ usage hasn’t kept up. Consequently, some parents will have little to no clue about what their children are doing online.

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