Beware Canada: Palm Pre Set for a Recall?

We’re right on the cusp of the Palm Pre’s release onto the Bell network in Canada, but there are signals coming out of the States that we’d all be better off to skip it and wait for version 2 of this device.

Most reviews I’ve read rave about the Pre’s Web OS, but lament the crappy build quality of the hardware. And now the complaints and returns south of the border are pouring in. As one user on the PreCentral forums laments:

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the build quality of the hardware and even mroe (sic) disappointed that Palm has not acknowledged it or starting fixing the issues. My first pre had a bunch of hotspots at the bottom of the screen, my second pre was sent to me by Palm and it turned out to be refurbished with the slider tracks all over the place, and finally I went into a sprint store to get a new one, but found a dead pixel when I got home.
(Is Palm Going To Have To Recall The Pre?)

That just doesn’t sound like a dream experience with a new device for me, no matter how great the OS.

So, even though I still consider it a major coup for Bell to be the inaugural Canadian network for Palm’s best chance at a second life, and I’d love to get my hands on a Pre, I’m starting to think I’ll keep my money in my pocket for the time being and wait till Palm either issues a second generation Pre with a decent quality hardware build, or just goes bankrupt under the weight of a recall.

3 thoughts on “Beware Canada: Palm Pre Set for a Recall?

  1. At least it’ll take a while to get to the ‘horse, you’ll have a pretty good opinion of it by then, eh?

  2. I have had two plam pres the frist I droped into the lawnmower and the second is a great phone. Have not had even one problem have droped a few times and use it till the batt is dead everyday. It takes great pics. The only thing that I would like to see different is different ways to get ringtones. I love the phone and love that I has ins. Just in case this one meets the lawn mower ect. I am very hard on my phones.

  3. The second day i got my first palm pre i went to slide it open and one of the screws popped out. so down to the bell store.. they give me a new one, which is actually shittier then the other one. this one glitches out ALL THE TIME and my slide keeps popping out by like a centimetre. Also the app store still does not work. i went down to bell and the guy there told me that i need to do the update.. IT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. i just got a call this morning telling me there recalling this. im just hoping that everything gets better once this is done.

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