Chrome OS: Google Will Need to Improve Usability to Succeed

Late last night Google announced the Chrome OS, a competitor to Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Initially, Chrome OS will be targeted at Netbooks as a lightweight way to get users online and into Google’s ecosystem more quickly.

And perhaps therein lies the rub: Google’s existing web applications aren’t very easy to use.

Compared to traditional competing desktop-based  tools like Apple Mail and Microsoft Word Google’s offerings are bare bones, confusing, unstable, and feature-limited.

If Google brings its standard geek-beta mentality to bear on an OS, it’s almost certainly doomed to failure.

2 thoughts on “Chrome OS: Google Will Need to Improve Usability to Succeed

  1. Moving towards the cloud is an interesting idea. It’s a trend towards making laptops and netbooks into wireless dummy terminals. Personally I think it’s great, but then again I love my Google apps and have never had any problems with them, other than some formatting issues in Docs.

  2. But what happens when you live in the Yukon and Internet access is known to go offline multiple times a week? Can you even use the Google O/S without Internet?

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