Is Corporate Complaint the New Form of Social Protest?

Okay, everybody knows I love to complain, mostly about a system I personally refer to as corporate stupidism.

It’s sometimes frightening how easy it is for large organizations to manufacture an abstract sense of institutional logic that defies the sensibility of the average person.

It’s tough to battle these systems, as the organizations in question typically already have your money and the job security of the people you deal with depends on it staying that way. Personally, I’ve fought many a battle against corporate stupidism and have learned that the best weapon in one’s arsenal is humour.

So, as a hardened warrior of the corporate complaint arena, I nominate this video as the crowning achievement of the battle against corporate stupidism:

What’s it all about? In a nutshell, singer/songwriter Dave Carroll’s $3,500 guitar was trashed by some United Airlines baggage handlers. Despite his solid case that included witnesses, United weaselled their way out of providing him with any compensation whatsoever.

In retribution, Carroll threatened three songs with accompanying videos that would share his trials with the web. This is the first.

Governments long ago went deaf to the sound of the protest song, but apparently not so corporations. United is reportedly attempting to open new negotiations with Carroll.

2 thoughts on “Is Corporate Complaint the New Form of Social Protest?

  1. Being proactive, relentless and consequent is the way to go when challenging this “corporate phenomenon”.

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