Graphic of US-State Texting Bans

Here’s an interesting interactive graphicof bans on text messaging while driving in US States (Map of Texting Bans for US Drivers) .

Map of Texting Bans for US Drivers

Map of Texting Bans for US Drivers

It’s interesting to note that Alaska, just across the international border from where I live, has a full ban. Yukon drivers, however, remain unconstrained.

That’s too bad. Research performed by the independent Transportation Research Laboratory (Dangers of Texting While Driving) has found that drivers who text are significantly more impaired than those who have been consuming alcohol or smoking pot:

Reaction times to trigger stimuli were around 35% slower when writing a text message. In the earlier studies, alcohol consumption to the legal limit caused a 12% reaction time increase whilst cannabis caused reaction times to slow by 21%.