How Moronic Are Unsafe Texters, Anyway?

Passing bans against texting while driving is the latest trend amongst North American lawmakers. But do unenforceable laws really have any effect at all?

It seems to me their efforts and funds would be better spent on some form of shame campaign that would proactively construct a safer social norm, in the vein of the  Yukon chief medical officer of health’s “Stupid Line” campaign.

This kind of hit me when I realized that the people primarily responsible for unsafe texting are so moronic that they require a comedic set of safety tips like these:

  • Never text message while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.
  • Texting while walking can easily cause pedestrian accidents, thereby resulting in injury to oneself or others.
  • Even if you feel safe enough to send or read a text, consider the safety of others. If you are taking care of a child, be sure not to get so absorbed by your mobile device that you lose track of them.
  • Before using SMS, assess your surroundings. Be sure to not be in the vicinity of a game like baseball or football, or nearby other objects that could strike you while you are distracted.
  • Attempts to text with one hand, while using sharp objects like a food processor, knife or even a lawnmower in the other hand cause numerous injuries. Stop whatever else you’re doing before texting.
  • Step away from open flames and sources of extreme heat before using SMS. It’s easy to lose sight of a fireplace, stove or grill while texting. Taking simple precautions is one way to make sure that your use of SMS will be a safe as it is fun.

Offered up by Predicto Mobile, presumably these tips are meant to be funny. Otherwise I fear for the future of our world. (But then some kid apparently fell down a manhole while texting the other day, so you have to wonder.)

I’ve been told that there’s no such thing as common sense, only associated risk. If that’s the case, I would hope that people would naturally recognize the dangers of texting while operating a Cuisinart. For those who don’t, we need to help them recognize the inherent moronity of their ways.

People dumb enough to text while driving aren’t going to respond to a law. Much as MADD did with countless drinking and driving campaigns, some form of messaging needs to go out that shames those who would practice such a daft act.

3 thoughts on “How Moronic Are Unsafe Texters, Anyway?

  1. On the news last night a woman was video recorded texting with both hands while she steered her car with her knees. And yes she was in moving traffic.

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