Northwestel Internet Upgrades Coming Soon

I just had lunch with Northwestel’s Vice President of Consumer and Small Business Markets, Curtis Shaw, and he informed me that Whitehorse internet users will soon be very, very happy. Heck, I’m as giddy as a little girl with his news.

He asked me not to share the details for a while, but here’s the bottom line: on September 1, consumer and business cable internet customers can expect cheaper prices, significantly improved download speeds, and vastly increased data caps.

This service upgrade will bring us pretty much in line with southern service providers.

How is this possible? Apparently, crews are finishing up Northwestel’s final leg of fibre through Muncho Lake Park in BC as I write this. They’ve had to carve up the highway there to lay it down.

Once Northwestel lights up that pipe, its new data headroom capabilities will provide Yukoners with significantly improved internet services.

All of a sudden, I get the warm fuzzies when I think of the Big Green N.

2 thoughts on “Northwestel Internet Upgrades Coming Soon

  1. So because you’re such a strong fan of Northwestel will you get a better connection than most and at a better price?

    Hob knobbing with the top brass eh!

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