Upcoming Mobile Upgrades in Whitehorse

In response to a question from Patrick Goruick on my just-prior post: in approximately December of this year, Whitehorse mobile phone service will be upgraded to a dual-mode GSM and CDMA. This improvement will be part of the national Bell-Telus mobile network upgrade that’s being made, in part, to support the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

I’ve heard this from several sources over the past few months (including one involved with the installation of the new tower technology). Earlier today Curtis Shaw, Northwestel’s Vice President of Consumer and Small Business Markets, confirmed it and said that he believed the technology was currently in a testing phase.

This means that we’ll have much-improved mobile internet access and, more importantly, access to better-quality handheld devices than Bell and Northwestel are currently able to offer on their CDMA-only network.

It seems that 2009 is shaping to be a watershed year for telecommunications in Whitehorse.

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Mobile Upgrades in Whitehorse

  1. Tooooo late! I want to use my SIM based GSM phone now… as far as I know tried ICE Wireless, a couple of years ago, to install a GSM Network in Whitehorse.

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