Northwestel vs. Shaw: A Quick Comparison

My Dad lives in North Vancouver, just off Lonsdale Avenue, and he subscribes to Shaw’s High-Speed Xtreme-I service. This service promises 15 Mbps download speeds. Here’s what he’s getting this morning:

In a word: lame. Compared to the 14 Mbps download speed I’m now enjoying with Northwestel, this service seems paltry.

But there are two additional points to consider. First, he’s paying Shaw just $54 a month, compared to the $80 I’m paying Northwestel. And he gets a whopping 100 GB of data transfer each month, while Northwestel tops me out at 60% of that.

So while Northwestel’s upgrade is a critical first step in improving the performance of local services, their immediate next step needs to be an improvement in the value of the service. As I’ve said before, speed is irrelevant if there is not the volume to back it up.

Let’s hope Northwestel’s people are working hard at negotiating new bulk data rates with their upstream providers.

One thought on “Northwestel vs. Shaw: A Quick Comparison

  1. I’m thinking your dad should drop the Extreme-I and just go with regular high-speed internet. I just did the test here in Calgary (again, I’m just paying for the regular high-speed, cost of around $35/month factoring in the discount for having other Shaw services) and got 14.48Mb/s for down and 0.96Mb/s for upload..

    God I love having PowerBoost included in the service. Gives me the speeds I want for the duration I need…

    So unless your dad’s doing sustained uploads and downloads, I’d suggest he consider dropping the Extreme-I and save a few bucks. It’s obvious he’s paying for something the network in North Van can’t provide.


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