Quick Look at Northwestel’s New Internet Service

It looks as though Northwestel turned the switch on for its new internet services last night:

Compared to the 2 Mbit/second connectivity I’d recently become accustomed to (northwestel cable service revisited: it’s still lame in comparison) I’d say that Northwestel’s new fibre optic network (Yukon News: Northwestel speeds up internet service) has definitely improved things in the North.

Even this morning at 8:30, during what has historically been the worst period for internet access as the Yukon’s plethora of government workers settle into their desks for a morning dose of YouTube and Facebook, Northwestel’s new network held its own:

This is great news. But it’s just day one. We’ll see, over time, as people use (and abuse) the new network, if Northwestel can keep the quality of service up.

One thought on “Quick Look at Northwestel’s New Internet Service

  1. Just tested my speed today with the ‘new upgraded service’ .

    My download speed is 0.40 mb/s and upload 0.11 mb/s

    I have classic service…supposedly.

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