One More Reason Not to Buy a Palm Pre: It’s Already Obsolete

Never mind the fact that Palm Pre sales are reported to be below projections in the US (and I have yet to hear about anyone buying one in Canada; they were released, right?), Palm is about to do exactly what I said they would in a previous post and make their first WebOS device obsolete.

In a little over a month, Barron’s reports that the Palm Pixie (also known as the EOS) will make its debut at a price point lower than the Pre’s (Palm: Pre Sales To Whiff Targets?). That’s right about the time Microsoft will be heavily marketing a whole new suite of confusing Windows Mobile 6.5 devices.

It’s like Palm plans to flip the bird at everyone who invested in a long-term contract to get a Pre.

And with sales so low for the Pre, who knows how long Palm can survive this nasty game with its customers?

It’s too bad. Handled differently, such a nice device could have saved the company.

3 thoughts on “One More Reason Not to Buy a Palm Pre: It’s Already Obsolete

  1. Months ago, I remember you talking about how great the pre was going to be… The problem is there’s always something better on the way; when it comes to technology. If you keep waiting for the next best thing on the market, you’ll never buy anything.

    With all the rumours of recall etc I gave up on the pre and decided I don’t really need a blackberry either. Holding out until I can get an iphone in Whitehorse or I leave, whichever comes first.

  2. I have owned palm phones with sprint about 10 yrs. and about 6 or 7 phones. I was totally hoodwinked on how great the palm pre was then I was told that they didn’t have a pre on hand to replace mine now but this pixie is “a mirror image of the pre” lol. Then I was honored to talked to a young executive who read me the “pension program”. I’m retired and worked in customer servive 20 yrs. I thought I was about to get a new untouched Yugo as a parting gift. A new one that was pushed off the assy line to a secure garage. He needs to attend my CS seminar. It seems Palm and/or Sprint have bit the dust.

    Obviously this is my last Sprint/Palm marriage. Sometimes telling the truth actually works- try it. I would give u my phone no. but haved figured how to call in or out yet. The Apple IV seems good. Remember, a good liar must be consistent and tell no one else u r lying. Happy new year. Sprint/Palm, work on those resumes, u’ll need it very soon. Yeah, I’m POED, shouldn’t I be?

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