Hello, Solo Mobile? Is Anybody There? (UPDATE)

Sometimes I experience such a resoundingly bad customer experience I can’t help but relate it to the world at large.

I called up Solo Mobile this afternoon to ask about their rates and plans. I used the number on their web site, 1-877-999-7656.

It seems this is their customer service number, as I was asked for my Solo Mobile number. When I didn’t enter one, the system told me to hit the # key if I wanted to ask about becoming a new customer. So I did this.

Then I received a message that their call centre was closed. The system informed me that they are open from 8:30am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday. Odd. I was calling at 3:00pm on a Wednesday.

The system told me I could hit 1 to leave a voicemail message, which I did. Then the system told me that the voice mailbox belonging to Solo Mobile was full. That sort of made me chuckle. I hung up.

I went back to their web site, as I’d noticed a callback button. Here’s what I got when I clicked that:

Unfortunately, our callback system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. For Service during our regular business hours, please call 1-877-999-7656.

Been there, done that. Something is clearly wrong here.

There’s enough information on their web site, so I thought I may be able to complete the transaction myself. So I clicked on the phone I liked, but quickly discovered that their shopping cart system is broken. Despite having added a phone to it, the amount I was going to pay was a mere $0.

I followed the purchase process through anyway (more to see how bad it could get than anything) and ended up with this message:

Internal Error

An Error has Occured

Please return to home page.

Okay. Last ditch effort. Email.

I clicked on the “Send Us an Email” link on their Contact Us page, filled out the form there, and submitted it.

Moments later, I received this email message from Solo Mobile in response:

Good day, We regret to inform you that due to technical difficulties with our systems, all the information contained in your message was lost. We sincerely regret the inconvenience this situation may cause.

That’s about when I decided to write this blog post. Does anybody even work at Solo Mobile? Aren’t they aware that their entire system is FUBAR?

Oh, wait. They’re a subsidiary of Bell. Well. That explains everything, then.

The Next Day…

I received this message from a Solo Mobile representative today:

Good day Mr. Robulack,

Thank you for using Solo Mobile’s Internet Customer Care. My name is Darine. I have read your message and I am pleased to assist you.

However, I wish to clarify that your question refers to products and services provided by Bell Mobility, which has its own client care service. We suggest that you submit your question at the following URL address:


Thank you for using Solo Mobile’s Web site. Don’t hesitate to e-mail us again at:


Have a really nice day

Darine (6026572)
Solo Mobile Internet Client Care

Well, at least she was polite, even if she didn’t quite comprehend the gist of this blog post. Whatever.

My experience makes me wonder if we won’t be seeing this sort of memorial service soon:

Solo Mobile Memorial Service

Solo Mobile Memorial Service

Too bad the company’s customer intake service doesn’t match the quality of their advertising because the Solo Mobile commercial I pulled this image from is actually very funny. Check it out:

69 thoughts on “Hello, Solo Mobile? Is Anybody There? (UPDATE)

  1. You are SO right about Solo, everyone I know agrees with your sentiments about their service.

    My girlfriend lost her phone today, and I’ve been calling that stupid number of theirs in vain trying to cancel & freeze her account. I’ve heard their 30-second message about 30000 times (ironic when u hear what it says).

    • I completely agree.
      After filling in all the required fields I sent a message asking where my account number was located. I got an answer saying they had lost the information I had sent!! They may be the cheapest outfit on the block but they leave a lot to be desired.

  2. I agree, Solo Mobile is a USELESS phone company. I phoned customer service to discuss a slight issue with my bill regarding internet charges. I don’t use the internet feature, but somehow managed to reack up $50 of internet charges. Strange. I called, and they told me there was nothing that could be done (like hell), and the asked for the internet to be restricted on my phone. They said they couldn’t do that (BULL!!). So, my phone goes on the internet by itself, and makes my shold be $32 bill $100+. And everytime I talk to a customer service rep, they EFFING HANG UP ON ME! If I werent locked into a contract, I would be loooooonnnnnnnnng gone. The day my contract ends “SO LONG SOLO”

    • That’s kinda funny since I recently got their Pre-Paid in-zone monthl plan. It says everywere that internet is automatically accesable and it’s just a matter of wither or not you sign up to pay by the month or by the page type idea. I signed up by the month when I got my phone. A month and a half later I call up SOLO on a copletely unrelated matter and the person doing the customer service sees the internet plan on my account, says I’m not supposed to have that option on my plan and disables the internet completely (Not even Pay-Per-Use option).

    • Even after having my piece of crap phone die months before the contract is up, I pay out the contract and cancel it after hours of waiting on hold and running around chasing customer service Non existent at best!
      I am assured that at the end of my contract it will automatically be canceled.
      Not! I call in December to cancel and they bill me another friggen month.
      I call customer service and they politely tell me the details of my account.
      I demand to speak with someone that will adjust my account, to which I am told NO


  3. UGH .
    i agree 100%
    im gonna call them & report my phone like stolen or something
    so i can get rid of this friggen plan!!!!!

  4. Extremely poor Customer service from Solo. Cannot image a supervisor with employee number 6039362 told me “Solo does not care about the phones because they are only the provider”
    My phone has been down for 6months. I was able to use it just for a day after repairs. Warranty is over. Solo now wants me to pay for another phone

  5. I agree that Solo is the last comapny one should go for. I got their connection but soon my handset started giving problems. I contacted solo but they refused to do anything in the matter. Its now 8 months since I am using the defective handset only waiting for the contract period to end so that I can throw this set on their face then.

  6. Solo Mobile is extremly poorly run it seems almost as if Bell is purposely trying to run this company down to the ground so they can get some type of a tax break in loss assets. I mean my father who signed up with solo lost his phone and i called them to report the phone at midnite, of course they were closed, the call ended up at a voicemail box, which was full. i called the next day and said look he has been with you guys for 1 year how much can we get another phone for him.. they said 199 for a basic flip samsung… so we agreed and they mailed out the phone, on his bill they charged him 430 including taxes and when i called back to say i was told 199, they said “we dont mislead out customers because all of our calls are recorded” so i said im glad they are recorded, lets listen to the call.. 5 mins she came back on the line and said “sir, due to technical problems, the call has been erased off our system” it seems that everything is always erased off of Solo’s system.. now im proud to say that my father and I are both on the $35/month unlimited Ontario wide calling plan on with WIND Mobile.. and their coverage is getting bigger and bigger as we speak… Mobilcity also seems nice because they will have unlimited calling plans and no credit checks but im not too sure about Public Mobile.. CDMA scares me… mainly because if you loose your phone.. you cant just get another phone and pop in your SIM, u actually have to get another phone from the same carrier at a price of an arm and 2 legs.

  7. I’m having a terrible time with SOLO. We use our phones for maybe 20 minutes a week (that may be an over statement) and we hve paid for two 300 minute plans that cost $35 each. Somehow within 3 months, we’ve managed to pay $365 and my service has been cut for not making payments. This is odd, as I am set up for direct withdrawal and money has been coming out. They’re a SCAM. First thing I do when i get my next check is to get out of the contract.

  8. Hey I had a LG rumor 2 phone, and after a few months it just turned it self off – never got it wet, never droped it. When I attempted to turn it back on power up Logo would come on then it would turn back off?? odd.. I took it in to bell to get fixed. he said “you obiously broke it and we cannot fix it” what?
    I have just canceled my contract with solo for only having it for 4 1/2 months. Talked to a rep on last month and she said that it had been cancecled and 300 contract charge for cancelation. Fine, whatever, just disconect it! now I have recived another bill in the mail as to it still working?? But i had it cutt off!

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    • hey i had the exact same problem with my lg rumor.bullshit actually. im with solo for a yr and three mmonths and am totally unhappy with the company.im gonna pay three hundred bucks and get the hell out of this company

  9. ya this is bullshit i top up every week but for some reason i keep getting texts saying top up? i call and i get transferred four time to #solo i asked not to be transfered and the bitch put me on hold and then suddely my phone said sorry i did not get that please enter your 16 didgit pin number wtf, i was back at theat god damn answering machine and the office is always closed, bell doesnt give a shit and the store i bought the phone from wont help or even warrenty my phone, it goes off, online and calls people in my pocket and i get charged for it. the bitch on the phone said it was cause i was pushing buttons in my pocket but it does it wile im holding it in my hand?? a bit crazy i think im surprised now one has called the media about this its insane, im pullling my hair out trying to contact someone. but there always experiancing a higher number of calls and emails?? gee i wonder y

  10. Solo Mobile is a worst mobile company in North America, it always charge my internet fee while I never use the browser, I think they make false charges on customers by intention.
    Dam Solo mobile.

    • I’ve seen many stories on the news about how you should always check your phone bill before paying. A lot of phone companies like to take charges from closed accounts (people who racked up a bill then didn’t pay) and dispurde them to people who do pay. You wouldn’t beleive how many people just look at the number at the bottom of the page and pay it, not noticing the charge for a phone call to Japan (although some people occassionally notice the number on the bottom is a bit off and look up a bit). There have been stories about people who did finally notice the number on the bottom of the page was off and finnally looked at the rest of the bill and see the charge they new they weren’t responsible for, then went over previous bills for the first time and found many more various charges, imagine what they probably do to people who are making calls all over the place and wouldn’t be able to tell so easily. This became a serious enough issue that the news picked up on it and tried to warn people to always go over their phone bill carefully.

      Then cell phones came out…. f they were getting away with it that bad on landlines (especially if you think about the ratio of people who caugt them and are known about to the people who never even noticed) can you imagine the fun they can have with cell phones.

      For SOLO in particular being a sub-company for bell… I’m not saying I know for fact or anything…. Bell could be easily takeing it’s closed accounts with outstanding balances and making their “lost” money back from SOLO customers, while at the same time providing them with suc cheap and poor customer service that it leaves it’s customers with nothing they can do about it.
      Considering the major phone companies were already getting in trouble for charging unpai fees to other accounts while there were only landlines generally available, setting up a sub-company that could do it for them probably would have seemed like a good idea.

  11. my phone shut off one day so I brought it in, they could not give me a loaner because they had none.. I was leaving on a business trip the next morning so with 1 hour before all the stores close they has be run across the city from end to end twice to every bell/solo store and ONE store had 1 PINK phone left, so whatever I took it.. 3 weeks later they told me to come in to take my phone back, they said it had water damage and they would not repair or replace it BULL SHIT! I kept the loaner phone for almost 6 months, they called and texted me every day saying that if I didnt bring it back they would shut it off, never happened. the reason I kept it for so long was because the moron working at the bell store and the technical support guy assured me I could purchase a BELL phone and it will work on the solo network.. of course it did not and I was out $200. then after they told me that they never said that.
    I get overcharged every month, there’s nothing I can do about it so I just pay it, if I don’t then they just shut off my phone.
    I just called there tech support line 10 min ago because the microphone on my NEW LG Rumour stopped working (called from another phone) and there offices are closed hours before they are supposed to be.. this is shit.

  12. Interesting – I also got an e-mail response from Darine!! (#6026572), on my original copmplaint against Solo – I am sure I will get another response from Darine, RE My complaint today about oiver-billing and lack of adequate service.

    If they do not fix my service issues by the end of this week, they might as well send me right to collections, as I do not plan on sending them more money, for a phone I can barely use!

    • People hve said tat SOLO Mobile customer reps have outright staed to them that bell doesn’ cre about their SOLO Customers and so there’s nothing the rep can do to help them with their problem (usually they are calling abou being overcharged). Pretty sad considering tey generally charge $3 per call to customer service. I run SOLO myself, pre-paid at least (I used to run their Pre-Paid several years ago too), and they’ve never over charged me or even charged te $3 customer service fee. Of course I’ve never called cusstomer service for anything other then glitches that occured in the physical service and since there was no way it could be fixed unless they do it each re has always decided to waive the $3 charge. Although I have always been lucky as a SOLO customer, I still agree their customer service sucks and advoid calling it unless I have no choice.

  13. I’ve had 3 HTC 5800’s from Solo Mobile then the minute my warranty expired they wouldn’t do anything although they were sending me defective phones. I have tried contacting everyone regarding this issue and no one will help me. Fuck Solo Mobile!

  14. i havevdealt with the total lack of what i would call customer service for the last timephoned to get mt laptop hooked to my phone thet told me it was a long distance call im work out of town the number there rep gave me was the one i called got billed for it and im on prepaid mins do they know how hard it is to go to a store when the closet oneb is 80 miles away guess its my fault choosing solo wont happen again previous customer hope the ones selling these things ger stuck out in the middle of nowhere without mins like i did but we all cant have souls can we happy hikking u #####s

  15. if i had the chance. i would find every solo mobile place that sell’s phone’s and blow it up with a gernade.. these guy’s really suck and dont f@Cki%g care. the actually don’t have a customer service center it’s all b/s. they suck ass and like dirty ass. they are garbage , the dont even belong in the dumpster they belong in the landfill, or maybe in the toilet after a bad crap. they should line up their owner’s and their phones and put it on the highway and let it be crushed by dumptrucs and semi trailors. they suck bad..they shouldnt even be named solo they should be named SUCK. cause they are b.s

  16. Solo’s website never works for me…and after trying to properly register my phone, now I can’t access #SOLO anymore to check my balance. Solo’s customer service is shite and the whole company is a scam, because it is run by Bell. FUCK BELL!

  17. I received a telemarketing call from 000-123-4567 supposedly from Solo mobile. I am on a Canada do not call list and have opted out of telemarketing since I am a Bell landline customer.

    When I asked to be removed from their list, the agent told me to GET LOST !!!

    I have no reason to assume this call was not genuine. The agent apperaed to be Indian and probably working from some offshore sweatshop.

    What a disgrace !!!

  18. My wife and I had a simple contract of $28/month.
    For texting and emergency calls which is how we treated it.
    The first few statements were $56 then went to $76,$176,$202,$220.
    If only I can deter a thousand possible customers away from Solo Mobile I’ll feel like I’ve won a small battle.

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  20. I have to agree with theses comments. I have never dealt with any company with such poor customer service standards. Their operators informed me that if I had a complaint, write to their head office as they have no phone number to connect to. How ironic!! No phone number for their head office customer service. I just spent 3 hellish years with a contract with them and will NEVER deal with them again. I make a point of letting everyone that is even considering dealing with them what my experience has been. They use negative billing techniques and hang up on customers that have legitimate complaints. Thank God I am out of their clutches!!

  21. I switched to a mac from a pc, and went to the self serve site to check my bill as usual.

    The self serve link kept looping back on itself and the page kept freezing. Of course it was after supper so no customer service lol.

    When i got through in the morning they told me that their website is not formatted for macs and won’t work even on ie on a mac !

    My phone service is erratic at best and the voice mail notification only works half the time…

    Ludicrous…and i’m also stuck in a 3 year contract that i’m seriously thinking of buying out of…

    • Dave,

      I am also Mac user and Solo Mobile website does not work for me on Mac. It keeps looping or giving me error messages. Try logging into your account on PC.

      Did I say I hate Solo Mobile?

  22. Okkay i was a solo mobile customer and i ended my contract like 3 months ago, they said i was supose to get a bill but i never did and my account on solomobile was also deactivated and i couldnt check my mail. I even tried calling solomobile like about 100 times now and they are always busy. Im afriad i will get overcharged or something? since the last payment isnt done yet? reply pleasee

  23. The first 2 months of my contract with SM have been the worth experience of my cellphone life. I have a two year plan and I to am thinking about buying out. At the very least, I will not recommend SM to anyone and my disappointment will spread like a bad flu among anyone that will listen

  24. I wish I was able to read this blog prior to to being tricked into switching to Solo Mobile. This is the WORST company ever. Here is WHY:

    1) Customer service is very poor! Not only the customer service individuals are not useful and knowledgeable, they all (in my experience) seem to have some serious speech problems, and it is very difficult to understand what they are saying. Makes me wonder if speech pathology is a prerequisite for Solo Mobile customer service personnel.

    2) The Solo Mobile website is NOT working for me. Every time I try to log into my account , it keeps “looping” sending me to the page #2 or giving me an error. Thanks to someone on this blog mentioning that Solo Mobile website is NOT formatted for Mac. None of the customer service personnel was able to provide me with this information.

    3) Solo Mobile had cached my previous check (I have a copy of it from my bank), yet billed me the same amount again saying they did not received it!

    Very bad company! The same could be said about Bell Mobility who deceived me into switching to Solo Mobile!

  25. Solo est fuck up.
    J’ai une simple plan de 28 dollar et je me retrouve avec un compte de 176 dollars, alors que j’ai tout fait pour ne pas prendre d’appel de jour.
    Je m’en vais le canceller direct aujourd’hui

  26. OMG!!! Webby, that happened to me too!!! and ive been looking forever for a number where i can ntalk to a service provider or whatever to deal out my fees. my friend has solo mobile, and she says it works fine fer her, better than Koodo. i told her thats bull. she, someone give me a number i can call, it will help me so very much!!! please and thank you, a depressed person with a retard phone provider. 😦

  27. OMG!!! Webby, that happened to me too!!! and ive been looking forever for a number where i can talk to a service provider or whatever to pay off my fees. my friend has solo mobile, and she says it works fine fer her, better than Koodo. i told her thats bull. please, someone give me a number i can call, it will help me so very much!!! please and thank you.

    -a depressed person with a retard phone provider.

  28. I made the mistake of using Solo Mobile. Never again. I switched companies in August and have tried to cancel my account on numerous occasions spending literally hours on hold or being ‘disconnected’. I keep getting regular bills from them as well that are ruining my credit because I refuse to pay. I finally think I have resolved the issue but they refused to give me a reference or confirmation number. She only told me her name. Please help because I am being held hostage by Solo Mobile and want this to end!

  29. Beware ! There is a telemarketing push by Bell Mobility to Sell SOLO Mobility phones, and they are sub-contracting the work to India (Again!). Their agents dial through an Internet Web Connection, and Are told to LIE, that they are in Calgary, AB, but yet when you ask for their local telephone number they LIE again, and tell you the 877 number for SOLO mobility. The agency name is IKSHA IT Solutions, and they are based out of India.

    The Outsource directory gives this as their address, and phone number:

    3-5-592/4, 3rd Floor, Above Ganapati Silk House, Opp ICICI Bank, Street No 15, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad – 500029


    their web address is
    http://www.ikshawitsolutions.com, and their web registration is as follows;

    Owner info:
    Name: Web Master
    Company: Ebiz4india – A Web Hosting Company
    Suite 315, Third Floor, Model House
    City: Hyderabad
    State: Andhra Pradesh
    Country: IN
    Zip: 500082
    Tel No: 91 9347077853
    Fax No: 91 04066467767
    Email: domains@ebiz4india.com

    Administrative Contact:[Same as above]
    Technical Contact:[Same as above]

    Creation Date: Jan 15 2010
    Expiration Date: Jan 15 2011

  30. I just called Solo to ask why my bill was so much this month. I had gone to Mexico and did not turn off my phone. Apparently I opened my browser somehow and it was $10 just to access overseas, plus another $37 for browsing. I don’t know how that happened, because I didn’t think it even worked overseas as I had tried to call home and got a spanish message. I turned the phone off at that time and didn’t turn it on again until I got home. I told the lady from Solo this and she LAUGHED at me saying sorry about that, theres nothing we can do. GRRRR!

  31. okay, you made my day. after getting hung up on by a solo mobile rep at exactly 6pm tonight, I am ready to snap, preferably at a solo mobile employee. We’ve had our phone for 8 months, sent it away twice for ‘repair’ and have paid for a crappy loaner phone for 3 months now. No resolution by Solo and Bell has no accountability or responsibility with Solo, even though their reps sell the contract. This is bullshit and I am now officially a Bell and Solo hater and will tell everyone I know to never use them.

  32. You’d think Bell would realize how many customers they loose in the long run because of how they run SOLO. My post above about using SOLO to make mone back on outstanding accounts is really the only reason I think of for them running it this way and keeping it going. I think anyone would agree just by seeing advertisments and the way Bell customer service reps pus SOLO Mobile on the unaware public that they definatly are putting effort into getting people to sign up, and a diliberate lack of service from then on.

  33. Solo Mobile does not seem like a reputable company and I wonder how long they will be in business. Instead of trying to help their customers and resolve any issues, they constantly remind you that it will cost $200 plus charges to cancel their agreement. Is this intimidation or what?

    I have been charged for services I did not use or order. They say I have gone over my 100 minutes, but I hardly use the phone. After repeatedly asking for a User Guide and a breakdown and explanation of my account to be sent to me by mail, I still have not received either.

    Who is managing this business? They certainly don’t seem like professionals.

  34. Solo Mobile is a horrible company with non-existent customer service. I wish I wasn’t so gullible to sign up a 2- year contract with Solo prior to doing my “homework” researching into Solo. I assumed it was exactly what the Bell customer service rep told me about Solo: “cheap and environmentally friendly”. Solo is NOT cheap ( I get charged a lot although most of the time I have my phone off). Many of the calls stated on the bill have never taken place! Read your bills carefully. The customer service is probably the worst in the world. Mot of the time, when I am lucky enough to get to the customer service rep, I can hardly understand what they say as all of SOLO customer support reps seem to have some sort of a speech problem. I really really hate this company. Cannot wait to buy my freedom back. I will never again in my life use SOLO or BELL.



    Hello, It seems like there are TONS of Solo mobile stories where they disrespect and defraud their customers.

    I was lied to by a solo mobile rep at a kiosk and tricked into signing a contract with them that does me no good since i live in an area where i am charged long distance every time i use my phone, although i specifically asked if i was covered out here and in the city with no LD charges in either place and told yes, you are.

    If you have been lied to by a solo mobile rep and tricked into purchasing something from them or signing a contract that later turned out to be the opposite of what they promised you, that is known as bait and switch which is illegal. I am starting a class action lawsuit and i need your story.

    Their main office on the west coast is in Vancouver and i would like to get as many people as possible to go down there on a specific day (yet to be determined) with their awful solo mobile story printed out and in hand so that we can all deliver them in person and get media coverage of it so that MORE people can be aware of and join the lawsuit.

    maybe then they will get the hint. The problem is that they are so big and have so much money that they can do whatever they want.

    I think news coverage of a day where thousands of people across canada go to their local SOLO mobile head office, with an official complaint letter in hand detailing the experience, the bait and switch tactic you were subject to and your demands for a refund will definately wake them up a bit.

    Email me at SoloMobileLawsuit@gmail.com to join the lawsuit and get info about what day this will be planned.

    To be clear, i plan a hand delivery complaint day as well as a lawsuit. I just want to be sure that they can’t shush up the lawsuit. I want all of Canada to know how they operate so news coverage in every province on the same day is essential.

    Tell your friends! Email as many people as you can so we can make Solo pay. They are a bad company. They need to go down.

  36. I have used SOLO for years first on pre paid and then a 3 year contract. I have not had any of the issues you are all describing except that my crappy lg rumour broke. I bought a new phone from fido, had it unlocked and have a SOLO sim card in it. It works fine and I dont need a contract. When I need customer service and I cant reach SOLO I call bell and they have helped me out. You can also go to the bell mobile stores. I just had my sim card go bust and they replaced it for free.

  37. lol solo is the worst without question. I bought a phone for my son and locked into a 2 year contract the minute that contract ends this December – I’m out. Worst – I mean – the worst customer service I’ve ever encounter in a non- fly by night company.

  38. I am very happy to read that I’m not the only one that is always facing crashes on Solo Mobile self service (Solo Mobile Libre-service). I have a collection of crash screenshots here (loop, ASP.net object undefined, java, sick grandmama). -Everytime- I’ve logged onto their self service website during the last years I got crashes. They changed their website on 2011 august, and this is worst! If someone never had problem with solo, it’s maybe because the person doesn’t know what ‘good service’ means.

    Right now, I have a “eCare.Common.Exceptions.BackendSystemException”. Yeah, this is “common”.

    (hand down)

  39. HI just tried to call SOLO for i did have 28,00$ on my phone and i have free texting (incoming and out ) have one the oldest contracts with them , tried mto call and just got the automated service this is so darn frustating to go through all tis to get a automated service and no answers , HELLO DOES ANY REAL PPL WORK THERE .Thinking of going to another phone company and NOT BELL well SOLO just lost a good customer GOOD FREAKING BYE SOLO GRRRRRRRRRRR

  40. I totally agree that Solo Mobile is a crap. I’m a salesperson of Solo but I’ve never be able to speak with the customer service representitive.
    I was staying on line for over 4 hours and no one answered. 4 HOURS!
    that’s fuckin’ bullshit. they must be doing that on purpose to make us crazy. I wanna kick them in the head for 4 HOURS.
    Solo mobile is the most shitty experience I can have in Canada.

  41. I am trying to cancel with Solo. They say that they will get back to me in 24 hours to 48 hours. Do they call back? I was trying to wait for a “sales solutions” person to cancel my account. The first-line representative said that she is leaving a note to cancel and to call me, but I have often found that if you don’t chase after someone, they will never return the call.I don’t like not being able to cancel in a timely fashion.

  42. Wondering why I can’t get an answer as to why when I go into my account online they have all my local calls categorized as long distance? When I call they just say don’t worry about it they haven’t billed me long distance but does that mean it isn’t going to come at the end of the months as long distance? I’m in one city in Canada and haven’t travelled outside of this local calling zone for a long time. I’ll be disappointed to find I really can’t travel outside if there is going to be a screw up on my bill at the end of the month. My last phone bill I wasn’t categorized as Long Distance which is why I’m wondering what’s going on.

  43. they cancelled my son’s phone and are sending collection agencies after me for 300 bucks or something, they can stick it up their ass, they will not get anything from me. i told them if they want to go to small claims court, if the Judge tells me i owe the money i will pay, that was 3 years ago, what a bunch of assholes they are.

  44. My problem with Solo is that we set up a phone for our son (under my name as he was a minor) and when the contract ended last Dec or just before we were sent a bill. My son has stated to us numerous times that it was paid (does not have the bill to prove) but now 10 months later a collection service is calling us daily for payment. I called Solo and indicated that if we owe them money they should have a least sent us a bill BEFORE sending this to a collection agency. When I aske dthe date of the last bill issued on the account they confirmed it was Dec of 2010. I have asked for a bill to sent by Solo and confirmed it with them today that a bill has been issued.

    My issue with Solo is that they didn’t use due process in trying to collect what we owe them and instead of resolving this the normal way (as in issuing a bill) they went to a collection agency. I am made to feel like some kind of crook because they screwed up??? I will pay the bill because I am a responsible person and accountable for my financial obligations…but I will not pay it to a collections agancy..it will be to Solo directly.

    In the end of things when we are finished our contracts with Bell (5 in total) we will NOT be renewing. with them as they are the parent company. There are plenty of competitors out there who will be willing to take our money (roughly $3000 a year for 5 contracts @$50/mo x3 years = apprx $9000).

    Customer service is a big thing for me when it comes to to being a brand loyal customer….Solo blew this one and Bell due to association will not be getting my money in the future…

    Disgrundled in Edmonton

  45. Hey, here is an interesting story. I am a disabled woman on a fixed income. Solo Mobile sales reps called me. 20$/month, 20$/month, the sales rep would not answer any of my questions properly and I asked six different times how much my phone calls would cost!!!
    After being stuck in a contract with Solo Mobile for 2 years I have learned many things, first, do not believe anything that anyone tells you! Whether from client care or the solutions centre noone gives you an honest answer. Second, document everything from dates and times of phone calls to customer service interactions. This will help as leverage when you threaten to sue them. Write a formal letter requesting whatever it is you need. The letter I faxed was attention client care @ Dorval, Quebec or at Vancouver. I faxed both numbers so I could be sure someone would get it. Either way, I now have written proof of my request and have something to take to court with me when they do not render my phone inoperative after the expiration of my contract. Be Careful!!!! If not specifically asked for your phone will remain in operation and you will continue to be charged simply for having it on their grid!!!

  46. If you make a mistake and sign on with Solo mobile, NEVER NEVER RESIGN WITH THEM!!! We purchased our phone at Walmart, which no longer services Solo. We found that out when my phone quit working and had to buy another one. We went back to Walmart to purchase another one but not able to. By this time I had already resigned with them. Didn’t have any problems with them in the past, so continued using them. Since we couldn’t get a solo phone we had to go with someone else. My daughter talked us into going with Koodo. We canceled solo and went with koodo. Solo sent me a bill for over $300 for cancelling early!! My husband was pissed with them that they didn’t notify him about the renewal. He tried to talk with a supervisor, they put him on hold for 10 minutes then hung up on him. He called back and they REFUSED to allow him to speak with one telling him they were busy! They took our number and said a supervisor would call us back. A week later we are still waiting! I told my daughter to alert everyone on twitter NOT TO GO WITH SOLO!!!! I’m going to do the same thing on facebook.

    • Thank God, my contract is up in February. I have called a total of five times to tell them I will not renew and it took all five times!!! I look forward to getting my contract expiration notice in the mail because then I will have proof that they agreed not to renew. Keep everything you get from Solo Mobile, record the phone calls to customer service if possible (don’t forget they are recording you), if you can’t record then write down the gist of each conversation noting all comments by the customer service rep. All of this can be used as evidence should they decide to sue you or you decide to sue them

    • hello: Are you in Canada. I might be able to help you and give more information. Solo Customer Service is in Manilla Phillippines. But there is a cellphone advocacy group here in Canada that has an 87% rate of success for the complaining customer. They were interviewed on CBC Radio recently. Here is the link http://www.consumerhandbook.ca/en/topics/products-and-services/cellphones#related but I complained to the Canadian Consulate in Manilla. Nobody got back to me but my most important problem was resolved.

  47. oh yeah this is on how solo sucks!! just today i bought a 20 dollar card, having my unlimited text still activated, but when i put it on they didnt take the 15 dollars off, so im thinking oh ok so i will activate it, but when i go to it says i already am. and now when i text it takes 15 cents off for every text still!!! and when im not texting they are still taking money!!! so i call the service and they want 3 dollars to talk to a repesentive!!! 3 dollars!!! so before i give them my phone number at the automated machine my dad told me to press zero, so sure enough it worked, i get to a reprisentative and they reconect me to another! then as im talking to them they hang up on me, right when im talking, so i call back mad! they hangup again! then i check the web and aperently this is a common thing with them, and they dont care, so i call back for the last time and they say this will cost 3 dollars and i say i cant i only have 16 dollars to put to unlimited text wich is 15 dollars so i cant and you have already taken 4 from me, and guess what she hangs up on me!!!!! die solo!!!!! i will never go with them again and they took 3 dollars from me still and i didnt even get to talk to someone for more than 2 minutes!!! im so angry!

    • I have had so much problems myself but I had a bit of an edge here. Their call center is in Manila Phillippines. They were hoping since being offshore and not really having an official office near me that this would stop me. I had a friend in the Phillippines help me out. But there is a federal organization to help out those with cell phone service problems (an official complaints commission). I can look for it again for you so please email me in private if you would like the internet site. I also placed a complaint with the Canadian Consulate in Manila to advise that this company is trying to evade service to Canadians by being offshore (which I think brought results because that is a bit of a subjet here in Canada). I told the consulate that companies like this give Canadians a bad taste of allowing others to immigrate here and free trade.

  48. slef centred, egotistical bastards, who think the sun shines out of their ass!!! Just got off the phone with a rep and he said that solo will not re activate my phone. Nor will they give me a new account or anything. HE FINALLY ADMITTED THAT BELL IS SHUTTING DOWN THE SERVICE AND ONLY MAINTAINING THEIR ACCOUNTS. So.. if you have a prepaid account with unlimited texting etc… do not let it lapse…p.s. I called 1-877-328-2121 and got a real person…and the people at bell wonder why they’re losing customers…lmfao

  49. Solo will not allow access to other Bell services such as Directory Assistance or Bell Operator. Solo itself does not have any equivalent services. Basically if we are in an area without 911 then calling for emergency services will be impossible.
    Totally USELESS company. One year left on my contract and then ALL Bell services
    will be discontinued.

  50. This was too funny!!!! I am a Solo Mobile Customer and always have an extremely hard time to actually speak to a live person!!! I stay because their plan really works for me, but the rest of their services leave A LOT to be desired!!!!

  51. My husband and I are also with Solo Prepaid for almost 2 years now and although we’ve had nothing but problems with Customer Service as well, the price is so good that it’s hard to switch. We have tried numerous amounts of time to get a hold of someone who actually knows what they are talking about with no luck. There is nothing more frustrating then trying to explain to someone that we put $40 on the phone (already had $6.75) but it hasn’t taken the $35 yet and now it’s using up my extra money plus the $35 I need for my plan only to have the customer service rep say after I’m done 10 minutes of explaining “if you want to check if you’re inside the zone you can all #…” are you fucking kidding me… I am trying to explain about my phone not adding my plan and you want to tell me about my zone… Seriously I know the company has already stopped excepting new customers (thank god) but they really need to just fire everyone and shut the company down.

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