Why the iPhone is Important to the Horse


Any day now Apple’s iPhone will be available to Whitehorse residents.

This is huge news: the iPhone is widely regarded as the world’s most advanced handheld computing and telecommunications device.

Along with the significant network upgrade that Bell has installed locally to support the iPhone, and Northwestel’s recent kick-ass fibre upgrade to the internet, the arrival of the iPhone puts the Yukon’s capital on the world map in terms of mobile connectivity.

Which is remarkable, considering we’re just a little town of 20,000+ people.

But is the iPhone really all that big a deal?

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Sometimes, Reality Just Isn’t Real Enough

One of the most fascinating aspects of evolving mobile platforms like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android is their  promise of ubiquitous computing.

Now there’s a scary phrase: ubiquitous computing. What does it mean?

First, ubiquitous = omnipresent. Like, everywhere. As in, tripping over it all over the friggin’ place.

But, really: who wants to find computers around every corner?

So it seems ubiquitous + computing does not necessarily equal the culinary nirvana that is chocolate + peanut butter. (“Hey, you got ubiquity in my computer!” just doesn’t have that same… je ne sais quoi.)

But, hold on. Computing does not necessarily mean computer. Continue reading

iPhone in the Yukon on November 4?

Electronista is reporting (Sources: Bell to carry iPhone Nov. 4) that the iPhone will debut on the new Bell/Telus high-speed HSPA network on November 4, the same day that the carriers plan to flip the network’s switch.

They report that handset prices will be standard with what we’ve seen to date:

$99, $199 and $299 for the 8GB iPhone 3G, 16GB iPhone 3GS and 32GB iPhone 3GS respectively.

Bell’s pricing for monthly plans will be based on the company’s existing “Smarphone Combo” plans, which run from about $45 for bare-minimum minutes and data to $100 for massive talk time and unlimited data.

The real question is: will the iPhone be in the Yukon on November 4? And if it is, will there be more than a half-dozen or so?

My guess: supply will be constrained past Christmas. Prepare to line up if you want one. Then be prepared to be disappointed when they’re all gone. It’s a vicious cycle, I know.

Twitter: The Descendant of Haiku

Some time in the mid 17th Century, the famous Japanese poet, Matsuo Bashō, helped invent the haiku poem.

He did this by breaking the brief introductory verse – the hokku – away from the larger, collaborative poem called the renga.

This evolution of a very concise form of poetry was an ancient prelude, in a sense, to the transformation of Twitter into a preeminent contemporary literary medium.

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Photo: Bell/Telus GSM Network is Live in Whitehorse

Bell/Telus Network Network on my iPhoneThis is a screen shot from my iPhone, grabbed just a little while ago. Whereas, to date, my iPhone could find no network in the Yukon, it now finds 302880.

The “302880” network has been well noted in several blogs and forums to be the identifier for the new Bell/Telus GSM network. So it would appear that the new network is already live in the Yukon.

So based on the story in the Globe and Mail this morning (Bell, Telus confirm iPhone launches), this probably means that iPhones will be available for purchase and use in Whitehorse very, very soon. Like really, friggin soon. The sort of soon that keeps you awake at night.

This is cause for celebration.

Has Facebook Killed the Mosh Pit?

Ah, the mosh pit.

It is the very essence of what it means to be a young person in the post-modern age.

It’s where we go to escape the digital confines of the internet and reconnect with real people in a somewhat primal fashion.

Entering that place – the rough, sweaty, exhausting pool of bodies at the foot of a rock concert stage – reminds us that, while we each are individuals, we are also linked together in a group called humanity.

We are not isolated.

The mosh unites us.

At least, it used to. Continue reading