Photo: Bell/Telus GSM Network is Live in Whitehorse

Bell/Telus Network Network on my iPhoneThis is a screen shot from my iPhone, grabbed just a little while ago. Whereas, to date, my iPhone could find no network in the Yukon, it now finds 302880.

The “302880” network has been well noted in several blogs and forums to be the identifier for the new Bell/Telus GSM network. So it would appear that the new network is already live in the Yukon.

So based on the story in the Globe and Mail this morning (Bell, Telus confirm iPhone launches), this probably means that iPhones will be available for purchase and use in Whitehorse very, very soon. Like really, friggin soon. The sort of soon that keeps you awake at night.

This is cause for celebration.

3 thoughts on “Photo: Bell/Telus GSM Network is Live in Whitehorse

  1. Yesterday NWTel had announced that they have their iPhones on order and would be offering the service starting in November. (via their FACEBOOK group)

    Since then, it appears that announcement has been pulled… shrug.

    Anyway, its got my wife very excited.

  2. LOL My friend sent me the link to this blog. I just visited her in Whitehorse a couple of weeks ago and spent the entire week bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t pick up a network. I love my iPhone – it’s an amazing (and – I can admit it – an incredibly addictive) product and I use it for practically everything… Including posting this comment. This is very exciting news!!! 😀

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