Bell: Location Services for iPhone not Enabled

I just spoke to a customer service representative who told me that Bell has made a public statement to the effect that, “location services [for the iPhone] have not been launched.”

There was no indication as to when they might actually get around to setting that up.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s a significant oversight as so many aspects of the device depend on location services for full functionality so I’ll certainly be making a refund request.

What’s more, he indicated the fact that the time zone setting for the Whitehorse towers likely won’t get corrected in the foreseeable future. That should cause some grief for some people stepping off the plane up here!

2 thoughts on “Bell: Location Services for iPhone not Enabled

  1. refund? You’re going to return your iPhone? Or are you suggesting that you shouldn’t have to pay full price for a device that you only get partial use out of?

  2. I have a RAZR you may be interested in borrowing during your “away” period. There’s no location services to worry about. Heck, there’s barely any ringtones to worry about. Brilliant!

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