A huffy Canada shuts down ‘Yes Men’

Stung by a satire at the Copenhagen climate conference, Canada’s government has shut down two parody Web sites criticizing the Great White North’s glacial policy on global warming.

In the process, however, it has taken down 4,500 other Web sites that had nothing to do with the prank played two weeks ago at the global climate summit.

How embarrassing. This government represents me?

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High-speed Chinese train kicks French, Japanese butt • The Register

The Harmony has a top speed of 394kph (245mph), and during its inaugural run it averaged 350kph (217mph), well faster than the 300kph (186mph) “maximum service speed” of France’s TGV and Japan’s Shinkansen, aka Bullet Train.

By contrast, the FT points out that it takes the US’s Amtrak Acela Express three and a half hours to traverse the 300km from Boston to New York City – although that train has hit 217kph (135mph) in time trials.

Considering that we can’t have anything on our lap on a plane anymore (thanks a lot, Umar Abdulmutallab; quick, somebody nominate him for the Darwin Awards), train travel become ever-more attractive. Especially with this new Chinese line in action.

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Amazon: E-book sales surpass paper on Christmas day

The company also reported that December 14 was Amazon’s busiest day of the holiday shopping season: on that Monday, Amazon processed sales of 9.5 million items worldwide—or about 110 per second on average. Perhaps more impressively, the e-tailing managed to deliver a Kindle that was purchased by a Seattle-area customer on Christmas Eve within three hours of sale.

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10 Things You Must Do With Your New Mac – Mac – Gizmodo

New Mac owners: ignore this article. It’s clear that Matt Buchanan is more interested in media releases and PR than actually using a Mac.

Take this one passage, for example:

“8. Forget Apple TV, Stream to Your Xbox or PS3: If you’ve already got an Xbox 360 or PS3 (who doesn’t?) there’s no reason to bother with another media streamer, even if you’re ditching Windows. The programs Connect 360 and Rivet will stream music, movies and photos from your Mac to your Xbox for $20.”

If Buchanan has actually ever used Connect 360 he’d realize that it doesn’t work worth a damn. And Rivet? Even a geek has nightmares about using it.

So, actually, do the opposite of what Buchanan suggest. But still buy a Mac.

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Best iPod Touch and iPhone Games: 2009

“We sat down trying to figure out the best iPhone games of 2009 and found the task of narrowing down the list to a select few to be near impossible.”

It’s dangerous reading this article. So many of the games listed are simply amazing. I’ve bought several after reading this piece.

And I agree with them, Spider is the game of the year. It’s one that is reasonably-paced, engaging (engrossing, even), and my 6-year-old son and I can enjoy together. And it’s a true platform game, one that could only have happened on the iPhone. And it’s a great way to learn about spiders through their eyes.

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