Save the planet — kill your pets

Eco-conscious Canadians could lower their households’ carbon footprint by eliminating, as it were, their pets’ carbon paw-print.

An argument for this can be found in the provocatively entitled book, Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living, published earlier this year by Robert and Brenda Vale of New Zealand. The couple (who may well be under police protection by now, as far as I know), declare that simply feeding an average-sized dog has the eco-footprint of building and fueling a Toyota Land Cruiser. A cat’s eco-paw-print is somewhat less: about the same as a Volkswagen Golf.

via Terry O’Neill: Save the planet — kill your pets – Full Comment.

3 thoughts on “Save the planet — kill your pets

  1. It’s not a surprise to see that that was written by Kiwis – NZ is the most dog-unfriendly place I’ve ever been (not without some justification). I do think, though, that killing yourself is the real answer – thus eliminating both pets and Toyota Land Cruisers as well as a host of other heavy carbon-footprinting evils.

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