30 Gorgeous iPhone App Interfaces & Icons

With over 100,000+ apps in the App Store, and the numbers growing fast, it’s much harder to make an impact on iPhone users in the iTunes store. Some mobile designers are spending more time designing high quality looking applications to create buzz and get recognition for their work.

A great example of stunning iPhone UI design. I own almost all the apps they mention and, just because they look and behave so pleasantly, love to use them.

via 30 Gorgeous iPhone App Interfaces & Icons | iPhone.AppStorm.

One thought on “30 Gorgeous iPhone App Interfaces & Icons

  1. The Dictionary.com app is simple, free, and doesn’t need Wi-Fi for all of you iPod touch users. It includes Dictionary.com’s entire word repertoire with dated etymologies plus a pretty good thesaurus (that’s right, the word dinosaur), a history of the words you’ve searched for easy reference and a randomly selected word of the day. All-in-all I end up using this one every day.

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