Facebook has the right blue (Updated with Twitter)

As with every other geek pundit in the world this whole Google Buzz thing has been, um, buzzing around in my mind the past few days. There are a lot of things that point to why Google will continue to have problems with their approach to social media, but one thing really caught my attention: the colour blue.

Facebook has the right blue; Google, not so much.

Check these screen grabs:

Google Blue

Facebook Blue

You have to admit, Facebook’s blue is vastly more pleasant than Google’s. I like looking at Facebook’s tone, but I find Google’s off-putting.

Facebook’s secondary, darker blue tone is superior, too.

One a whole, Facebook blue is warm, strong, and, well, social. It’s a blue you want to hang out with.

Google’s blue is wimpy, irritating, and cold. I don’t want to spend any time at all with Google blue.

One could argue that to get the whole social media thing, you have to get the colour first. Facebook definitely has that.


After iwritten asked, it got me wondering: what about Twitter blue? Twitters’s a whole lot more customizable out of the box so you rarely see its blue (Gmail can be customized, but it’s a lot tougher and I’ve seen few people actually do it), but it’s worth looking at the site’s default state. So here it is:

Twitter Blue

My take: oceanic, washed out, but calming. It’s supposed to be the sky, so the tonality is a lot more airy and less imposing than the other tones. And there’s a lot more of the colour on the page, compared to Facebook where blue is really a bold accent. Twitter blue is definitely more pleasing to chill out with than Google’s, as the blueness is moderately broken. But I’d still rather chill for the long haul Facebook blue which is stronger and, in a sense, more honest (an important colour attribute on a social media site).

Consider, however, that Twitter’s web interface is rarely used; and even when it is, users tend to customize it. So the Twitter blue is less influential.

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    • Thanks for asking that question! It was remiss of me not to have included it in the first place. I updated the post to include Twitter. But don’t ask about MySpace; I don’t want to turn this post in a post-mortem.

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