Google Buzz: the social media shitmix

Back when I was a high school student in North Vancouver I’d sneak into my parent’s liquor cabinet some Friday afternoons after school.

I’d pour a small (theoretically imperceptible) amount from each and every bottle there into an empty yogurt container (an example of the three R’s recycling at it’s finest).

But I wasn’t the only one who did this; most of my friends did, too.

We’d meet later in the woods on the mountainside or just on a suburban street corner somewhere to share and sample one another’s concoctions. They were all, invariably, awful.

We had one name for every recipe: shitmix.

It occurs to me that with Buzz, Google has succeeded in creating the equivalent of digital shitmix. They snuck into the liquor cabinet of their competitors and produced a nasty blend that neither smells nor tastes quite right.

A splash of Twitter, a healthy pour of Friendfeed, some Facebook, FourSquare, Brightkite, Yelp. That can’t be good for you all mixed together indiscriminately.

Like shitmix, everyone wants to sip Buzz. But unless you’re desparate for a cheap drunk with a wicked hangover, the drinking ends there.

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