Baggage claim

Sitting here waiting for my baggage to arrive I think of all the baggage Apple carries. Perhaps “stigma” is a better word. I recall a time when to own and use an Apple product was akin to living in some obscure fantasyland that too many people didn’t believe actually existed. Now so many people have iPhones that I bought a skin for mine just to try and hide the fact that I feel I’ve merge with some herd of animals I have no kinship with. It’s strange, I once bought Macs, in part, because that act put me in some exclusive club. Yet, now, here I am rushing off to buy perhaps the most consumer-oriented product Apple has ever produced: the iPad.

One thought on “Baggage claim

  1. The iPad will become on par with the iMac and the iPod in terms of its fundamental role in shaping the “consumer computer” industry. No slightest doubt about that.

    Have a blast and Happy Easter.

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