“largest and most ruckus iPad [line]”: I was there

Staying up all night with a handful of other faithful Apple geeks was an uncomfortably cold and tiring part of the total positive iPad purchasing experience. I plan to write about it in more detail for my Yukon News column this week, but in the meantime lean a bit on some more mainstream press for a view of the experience.

Cult of Mac has declared our cozy little iPad line the “largest and most ruckus…in the world” (Video: iPad Receives Ruckus Welcome At The Seattle Apple Store). That comes as some surprise to me since that long, dark night was awfully quiet and dull save for the humorously incestuous Chatroulette sessions staged by a couple of Vancouver geeks.

Anyway, here’s a peek at our line through the eyes of some dude from Cult of Mac.

In case you missed us, here’s the core group of all-nighters, screen-grabbed from the video:

From left to right: Tom Biro (@tombiro, our ready connection to the Twitterverse), John Knight (@jnoche, the man who arrived at 6pm the night before and seemed to be in control of the line), Bill Robulack (that’s my dad!), and a bunch of geeks from Vancouver whose names escape me.”

Oddly enough, the Cult of Mac video doesn’t even catch the University Square line up at its peak. I snagged this panorama just as we left and it shows the trail of people snaking much longer–and this is about an hour after the store opened.

iPad Line-up at Seattle's University Square Apple Store

iPad Line-up at Seattle's University Square Apple Store