iPad in Canada delayed to end of May

I had this funny feeling something like this would happen. Apple has announced that the iPad won’t be coming to Canada until the end of May. This means, in realistic terms, early June.

It was so worth that trip to Seattle. The iPad is my new best friend.

3 thoughts on “iPad in Canada delayed to end of May

  1. I recently bought a Macbook Air, and I love it, it is light, and perfect for travel, so I won’t be tempted to buy an IPAD, since I am happy with my IPOD touch and my laptop. the IPAD does sound cool, and the IPAD just got a great endorsement from the Norweigan Prime Minister:


    Being an IT tech for the Federal Government, I concentrated on PCS, and after 11 years I finally went back to a Mac at home.

    • Dude, I hear ya. I also have an Air. I never though I’d say it, but now the Air to me is too big, bulky, and heavy. It sits on my desk collecting dust as I fritter about hither and yon with this beautiful device called the iPad.

      You’re right, though, the Air is the penultimate example of notebook computing… if you like old skool.

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