Canada Post: On Yukon Time?

So, what do you make of this…?

As I reported earlier ( Takes the Lead!), got my books shipping in a respectable 8 hours.

It appears it took Canada Post a mere 20 hours to get the package from Mississauga to Whitehorse, where they appear to have languished in some warehouse somewhere for another 18 or so hours. It seems like a classic case of hurry up and wait!

Or, more likely, Canada Post suffers from that northern ailment called On Yukon Time, which seems to be culturally ingrained into our collective psyche. You can feel it when you get off the plane from Vancouver, actually, like the air is thicker and tougher to move through up here.

I can only hope, then, that they actually get around to delivering my books to me today. The package has already been on a truck for 6 hours, after all.

Hey, wait: maybe the driver had to make a delivery first in Teslin? I hope he picks me up a piece of pie from Dawson Peaks…

2 thoughts on “Canada Post: On Yukon Time?

  1. If the goods are travelling via Canada Post who ship with an airline, how did they get from Richmond to Whitehorse as noted since no flights have arrived from Vancouver yet?

  2. Is that the chart they show you or did you modify it?

    It’s really hard to read given that the information isn’t displayed in chronological order.

    It looks like it arrived in Missisauga 2 hours after it left Missisauga on June 7th.

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