Communication Breakdown Within Northwestel Itself

Never mind apparently failing to share information with its parent company Bell, Northwestel seems to have a pretty deficient internal communications system, too.

Whoever’s managing the company’s Twitter feed posted that a cable cut disrupted service yesterday. Unfortunately, that person seems to have chosen not to share this information with other people in the company.

Since service levels do not seem to have recovered since that event (it’s taking upwards of 30 seconds to load web pages today), I called Northwestel’s customer service line to ask for more information.

The customer service rep I talked to was caught flat-footed. He didn’t even know that a cable had been cut or that service had been disrupted. When I mentioned the tweet he went silent.

I felt sorry for the guy. I’d inadvertently blindsided him with information that his managers should have prepared him to respond to. But instead he was completely off guard and unable to provide me with any information at all.

Smooth, Northwestel. Real smooth. You’re a tele-what company?

4 thoughts on “Communication Breakdown Within Northwestel Itself

  1. Shaw Communications was almost as bad. It would appear that communication within almost any company (that has employees numbering more than 10) has that sort of issue.

  2. Yes, I highly enjoyed the all day service outage – no internet, no telephone. And that is not a good thing for those of us living in a rural community. Internet we can live without, but not having an outside connection to the world incase of emergency is a little ridiculous. The health center and RCMP had no way of contacting WH to let them know a) there was a problem with the phones or b) there is a problem in the community.

    How on earth can some one “accidentally” cut a fiber optic cable? And twice in one month? Come on! And does NWTel care? NO – they aren’t even offering a discount due to the lack of service.

    • Thanks for your comment. Do you mind if I ask which community you’re referring to? And on which day did you experience the outage you describe? I’m very interested to know as much as possible about that outage since it sounds so severe.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I am referring to all of the telecom issues we’ve been having here out in Ross River (and believe me, they have been a pain).

      June 13 was the first outage lasted 5 hours in the late afternoon / evening – affected only outgoing and incoming long-distance calls – internet was slow as could be, but we had a line out to the outside world … and the last outage was the day that we lost all communications (Monday I think it was) from about 11am to 12pm the next day. This outage was caused by the fiberop line that was cut leading into RR.

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