Northwestel’s Fibre Ain’t What It Used to Be (Already).

Well, that was quick.

Performance on Northwestel’s much-heralded fibre optic link to the rest of the world has already degraded beyond what we used to get back in the Bad Old Days. So I guess that makes these the Bad New Days.

Less than a year ago, just after Northwestel provided access to their new fibre optic link, here are the speed test results I was getting:

That’s a respectable number. It was a welcome improvement over the network performance we got prior to fibre, which looked like this:

Unfortunately, Northwestel doesn’t appear to be managing the new fibre network very effectively because today, just 10 months after fibre was introduced, this is what I’m getting:

And just to be clear, my local internet connection is working fine. Here’s what I get to Northwestel’s server:

There have been numerous cuts to the fibre since it was introduced. Considering the extreme degradation in performance that the service is experiencing, one can only assume they are patching it back up with duct tape.
It’s kind of scary. At this rate we’ll all be back in analogue modem territory again before we know it.