iPhone Tethering Kicks Northwestel Cable’s A**

This is interesting. Working online over Northwestel Cable today in Whitehorse is nigh-on painful. 30 seconds to download web pages is the norm.

Just for fun, I switched over to tethering my Mac to my iPhone for internet access and saw a marked increase in network performance. It only takes a second or two to download the same pages over my iPhone’s data connection.

Here’s what I’m getting:

Obviously, the bandwidth is much more limited, but notice the ping time. That’s less than one tenth of the ping time over Northwestel Cable today. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, that’s what making the difference. It’s clear that Northwestel Cable’s issues today are latency-related.

A traceroute reveals that the Bell Mobility data traffic is being routed through Vancouver, presumably over the fibre.

Which begs the question: why isn’t all traffic going out over Northwestel’s BC fibre?