Solo Mobile Unlimited Bad Service?

The rumours are flying fast and furious that Bell’s about to re-launch its discount mobile service Solo Mobile as Solo Unlimited.

For anyone considering signing up, I’d direct your attention to a blog post I wrote last year, Hello, Solo Mobile? Is Anybody There? My documented experience and the ever-growing list of comments there makes one wonder if Bell just shouldn’t just kill the brand. Unless Bell is making significant improvements to Solo’s quality of service and support, it seems almost cruel that the company is working to inflict Solo on yet more unsuspecting consumers.

It’s a true case of buyer beware.

Whatever music you want, whenever: $5 a month. (UPDATED)

I have tasted the future of music, and it’s quite delicious.

A new service from the guys who brought us the seminal Skype, Rdio (pronounced R-deo) is a subscription-based streaming music service that was released in Canada this week.

Unfortunately, like Skype, Rdio is a great idea only moderately well executed and fails to fully deliver on its own promise. Both technical and licensing problems trip it up too often to make it ready for widespread adoption.

However, again like Skype, it’s a harbinger of what’s to come. Continue reading