Solo Mobile Unlimited Bad Service?

The rumours are flying fast and furious that Bell’s about to re-launch its discount mobile service Solo Mobile as Solo Unlimited.

For anyone considering signing up, I’d direct your attention to a blog post I wrote last year, Hello, Solo Mobile? Is Anybody There? My documented experience and the ever-growing list of comments there makes one wonder if Bell just shouldn’t just kill the brand. Unless Bell is making significant improvements to Solo’s quality of service and support, it seems almost cruel that the company is working to inflict Solo on yet more unsuspecting consumers.

It’s a true case of buyer beware.

9 thoughts on “Solo Mobile Unlimited Bad Service?


    I just had a marketing call from Solo Mobile – and I am on the do not call list. Mike said hello and asked me how I was, I politely told him that I would save him some time, that I have mobile plan that I am happy with and am not interested in changing, he said “Why the FUCK did you pick up the phone then?” I hung up.

    If that’s the attitude of the people that are selling their product, imagine what kind of customer care and respect the whole company, management and owners must have!

    I say STAY AWAY

  2. I am truly sorry that I had not read your blog regarding BELL solo mobile befrore purchasing my phone. I’m in a never ending loop of bad customer service and obscure charges for a phone I barely use. I’ve NEVER, in 40 years had issues with a phone company til now. I’m in complete agreement – Stay away from Bell Solo Mobile.

  3. Anyone who is thinking about SOLOMOBILE should read my story.

    I signed Christmas time for three years becasue it was cheap for both my TEENAGE kids.

    I received a few bills and ofcourse paid them. Then in about a year into it I noticed that my Bill was a little high. I called and changed my bill to as what I thought some calling minutes with ofcourse the unlimited texting as what I originally signed up for.

    The Lady signed me up for unlimited INCOMING TEXTS AND ONLY 50 OUTGOING TEXTS. So, stupid me at that same time signed up for preauthorized payments – STUPID

    So I figure that over charged my in the past three months $755 and they have given me back $244
    of it as of today


  4. just got a call from solo mobile. guy tells me he’s giving me a free cam/phone. so i say with a signed contract right? he says no mrs. it’s verbal. i say “no deal” and he says are you an american indian? i then asked him if he didn’t just actually say that racial statement and he goes no mrs. if you are dealing your an indian right?
    ask for his supervisor and he then laughs and says.. why? you wish to flirt with him?…of course now im pissed… i tell him im with BBB office and if he hangs up on me i’ll have his job. he gets his supervisor.. this idiot? won’t give me employee’s user name or badge number (so i know im getting hung up on) so i ask for the call centers location number…. click…………. whew… thank gawd im not dealing with bell anymore..jerks!!!!!!!!!! and they take canadian jobs out of the country into these 3rd world countries where supervisors arn’t monitoring behavior? i’ll never ever allow any bell canada product..internet, phone or tv or cell in our home ever again.

  5. I have had my cell contract with Bell for over 5 years. In September I went to Bell to resign a contract for another 2 years but needed new phones because the older ones had lost sound. Stupid I guess but I didn’t realize that I’d lost my Bell connection and am now a customer of Solo Mobile. I think Bell is deciving customers and I am totally unsatified with Solo. My warning….DON’T GO WITH SOLO!!

  6. Solo seems to be a legal etsablished con job for extracting money from people( They stole 3 months payments out of my account)after the contract was completed, I called a few times and was put on never ending hold – once they hung on me-how can they keep taking money after the contracs completed??
    do we have any protection? in Canada from these multi billion dollar companies ripping us off- DONT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH SOLO- THEY FICK YOU AROUND UNTIL YOU BECOME FRUSTRATED AND HANG UP ON THEM- and then they take another payment-FICK SOLO

  7. I tried to repeatedly check my account online and 9 times out of 10 the service is “currently unvailable”. I try to view my bill an the message I receive is, “The information you’re looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later. We’re sorry for the inconvenience”

  8. I gave up with SOLO, hate them, hate to deal with them. Terrible service when you need to get a hold of someone from their company!! OMG… very bad!! They are in desperate need of agents who speak English CLEARLY!! WOW!!!! Nothing gets done for you when the person your speaking with does not understand a damn thing you are saying. How do these people get these jobs is beyond me. PHEW!!!

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